#YOURMOVE With Swatch Skin

Following the successful launch of its SKIN collection earlier this year, Swatch now introduces nine new models in two case sizes for men and women. These subtle additions achieve a simple, easy- to-wear elegance, featuring SKIN’s innovative double injection case with a special two-tone wave shape. Known for its distinctive style, SKIN brings three elements – lightness, freedom and self- expression – to the forefront of fashion.
In this new collection, two of the line’s most popular models introduced earlier this year now boast sassy counterparts. The eye-catching SKINNOIR has given rise to SKINSUIT, whose black complements the original “big” model’s black and white color scheme. SKINSNOW, with its simple white features and silver-colored dial, is the perfect companion to the regular original SKINPURE. A revival of SKINTHROUGH brings back the retro elegance of the very first SKIN collection launched in 1997. Timeless stainless steel graces three models – black SKINOTTE, rosé gold SKINCHIC and gold SKINMOKA – which join the original silver SKINMESH.
Every SKIN watch employs the striking wave element as well as a jewel-cut crown design and sophisticated dial features. This versatile collection is available in both regular and big sizes, all of which are worn with a nearly weightless ease, giving their wearers a sense of freedom and the inspiration to move.
The feeling of movement underlies every design detail of SKIN, but what does it mean to move? Inspired by dreams, ideas and opportunities, #YOURMOVE is a story of transformation. It is a tale of freedom, exposing life’s pivotal moments when individuals allow themselves to embrace emotion, create change and dance with the unknown. With SKIN, self-expression is king – it is the power to connect with confidence and live life by one’s own rules.

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