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Here, I will give you 6 very important reasons why you should be using a facial toner. Yes, every day! Not sure what a facial toner should be used for? I will shed some light, helping you with the utmost reasons why you should include this step in your beauty routine, in fact, I am here to remind you why you should never forget.

There is a proper toner option for each skin type. In general they hydrate, matify, revitalize, invigorate, re-energize or purify the skin.  I absolutely love this toner. It is super gentle and worth absolutely every Swiss Franc spent.

Susanne Kaufmann’s Tonic Soothing

# 1: Tonic completes skin cleansing and promotes cell renewal. Remember: Remove your make-up, cleanse and tone …

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# 2: It works by preventing the formation of blackheads and pimples.

# 3: The toner regulates the PH of the skin, leaving it more balanced and with less risk of skin sensitivity.

# 4: Improves your moisturizer and anti-aging products’ absorption considerably, making their effect way more potent.

# 5: Some specific toners for oily skin control oiliness, shrink pores and work on excessive shine even helping in the healing of pimples, reducing the risk of blemishes.

# 6: It invigorates the skin’s vitality, leaving a more toned appearance, a suppler skin. 

You should apply the toner after cleansing your skin with make-up remover and a soap ( in case you are adept of double cleansing like us ). Place a few drops of the product on a cotton pad and apply it to the skin without rubbing too much. You can use it morning and night, every day, without restriction.

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