Why Beauty Samples Are Your Best Friends

Have you ever wanted to buy a foundation but were scared of paying so much without really knowing if its colour was a perfect match for you during day light?

Have you been longing for that very expensive hair mask but wish you could know if your hair would respond well to it before investing your hard working money on it?

Well, I do have the same questions myself. All the time. That is the reason I have learned to leave my shame behind and ask for beauty samples without any hesitation.

Who does not want to try the hottest and most blabbed foundations of the season, the best mascaras out there that you can also have so handy in your bag, which by the way are perfect for your daily touch-ups and quite unbeatable for traveling, that delicious perfume that will make every one wonder what you are wearing or even perhaps that so much needed moisturiser that will leave your skin with that flawless glow?

I do, don’t you?

So I hope I can teach you one thing or two: If you are like me, that lives on a budget and cannot afford my month’s salary on so many beauty products, tag along for a ride.

Beauty counters are FULL of free samples, they have actually piles of it. You just need to get to know the right people and ask the right questions.

Beauty advisors love beauty shoppers. So talk to them, be friendly. Tell them what you are looking for. That you read about this Foundation on a magazine or that you saw that new make-up remover and were really wanting to try before committing to buy as your skin is too sensitive.

Cultivate a friendship with the sales person. Frequent and Loyal buyers are highly appreciated.  But go when you know it’s quiet.  It’s very difficult to get the attention you need when the counter is full.

If the store or beauty counter doesn’t have a pre-packaged sample, ask for a small plastic container. I usually can try a foundation 4 or 5 times when I receive the sample in a container. Or you can even buy your own little container and bring along.

Never find yourself feeling guilty or embarrassed for asking beauty samples. Companies like to hear about happy customers and nothing is better than a customer that will not return an item because she or he has previously tried.

Keep in mind that Beauty Brands want beauty samples to fall in the hands of potential customers.

And of course, you can sign up for beauty days at the Beauty Counters of your preferred store. Just ask for an appointment.  It might be as simple as that!

xoxo, Darling.

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