When Vegan
becomes the new black in skincare

Excellence and glamorous skin
are definitely in check

When the #1 on the natural-origin cosmetics market in French pharmacies goes organic

We’ve all heard. It’s definitely a world trend. But do you really know what does it mean to be Vegan? Vegans are those who practice veganism, a lifestyle that totally excludes the consumption of any type of animal product. The main objective of veganism, is to promote the so-called “animal liberation”. This means excluding the consumption of all types of animals, whether in food, clothing, entertainment, etc. Diving deeper into the topic, vegans do not consume products from companies that test animals. Vegans don’t buy pets (they adopt). They do not wear clothes made from animals (wool, fur, leather, silks, etc.). They also don’t go to places where animals are used for entertainment (circuses, bullfights, rodeos, etc.).

The co-relation to the Beauty Industry: As consumers become more concerned with sustainable living, they are more aware of the ingredients and production methods behind their favorite products. The vegan beauty industry became a trend as more environmentally conscious consumers seek sustainable choices and products free from animal cruelty. We are in 2021, after-all!


Nuxe Bio Organic

The Importance Of Vegan Consciousness In Cosmetics

Veganism has been growing around the world. Have you questioned yourself why?  It can be summarized as a philosophy of life that seeks to eliminate all incentives (direct and indirect) and forms of cruelty and exploitation of animals not only in food, but also in all our daily consumption. If you are conscious with what you eat, why shouldn’t you be conscious of what you apply in your skin? You definitely should. 

Thus, people who adopt this new way of living their lives, in addition to not eating anything of animal origin, also do not make use of beauty products that have any trace of animal product or by-product. Yes to that! 

But what does it mean (really) when it comes to the Beauty Industry? 

  • No animal-derived ingredients, discouraging animal testing and suffering 
  • Great for more sensitive skin
  • Support sustainable development
  • Biologically more adaptable to the skin

Nuxe Bio Organic
potent, sensual, socially responsible organic cosmetics

Enter a new era… The era of beauty which celebrates the omnipotence of nature with this certified organic skincare range: the potential of natural origin active ingredients is amplified by green technologies, their 100% natural scented textures blend into the skin for ultimate sensoriality. Discover a socially responsible side of beauty, encompassing every aspect of the product life cycle, from formula to packaging.

Potent Organic Cosmetics
active ingredients derived from green technologies

Nature is an open-air laboratory, and its diversity offers the most effective active ingredients to those able to discern their potential. For this new-generation certified organic skincare, NUXE has selected ultra-effective natural origin active ingredients to meet the skin’s essential needs.

NUXE has given priority to active ingredients derived from green technologies, selecting the extraction or processing method most suited to each plant, in order to reveal its potential with minimum environmental impact. The extracts obtained offer visible effectiveness for beautiful skin.

Sensual Organic Skincare
textures and scents which inspire emotion

Nature never ceases to amaze us and awaken the senses. With its image, true to the hedonistic philosophy behind NUXE, the NUXE BIO ORGANIC experience procures pleasure and emotion with each use. The scents have a unique, 100% natural-origin composition for each formula. The textures instantly blend into the skin, a real sensorial achievement.

Socially Responsible Organic Skincare
products with socially responsible life cycle

Since its creation, the NUXE group has committed to protecting nature, constantly striving to reduce the impact of its products on the environment. The socially responsible aspect of NUXE BIO ORGANIC skincare is considered at each step of the life cycle: formula, packaging and recycling.

Certified Organic Skincare Products
with no compromise between effectiveness and pleasure

Nuxe Bio Organic – The Replenishing Nourishing Body Oil

The Replenishing Nourishing Body Oil

A delight to apply. Intensely sensual, with its delicate orange flower
scent and non-greasy finish, this oil is perfect for a sublime massage. It blends Hazelnut, Sesame, Safflower and Sunflower Oils to nourish and
replenish dry skin: softness, elasticity, and optimum comfort restored.

HAZELNUT OIL: obtained by cold-pressing, and rich in essential fatty acids The oil is derived from organic hazelnuts cultivated in Italy. It is obtained by cold-pressing, a green method which does not require any chemicals or heat, guaranteeing its purity. Rich in unsaturated fatty acids (including omega-6 and 9), it strengthens the skin’s barrier function.

100% ingredients of natural origin
96.8% organic ingredients

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