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Dolce Rose 

Dolce&Gabbana Beauty introduces Dolce Rose, the exquisite new flower joining the Dolce bouquet. This vivid and addictive Eau de Toilette expresses a new facet of the Dolce girl. Bold, upbeat and sociable, she speaks her mind and brings her spontaneous feminine spirit to the streets. Now Dolce Rose captures this fun and happy attitude in a fragrance as lively and daring as the Dolce girl. 

fragance “

The first Eau de Toilette in the Dolce collection, Dolce Rose celebrates the most iconic of flowers – a symbol of love, beauty and femininity that is one of Dolce&Gabbana’s iconic patterns. The fragrance, crafted by perfumer Violaine Collas, is an addictive fruity floral, combining delicate rose absolute and crisp rose centifolia with soft musks and tangy redcurrants. Joyful and full of energy, Dolce Rose is a rose of exquisite allure. 


The fragrance opens with vibrant top notes of fruits, setting the sweetness of crisp green apple and juicy mandarin against the tangy redcurrants. In the heart of the fragrance, succulent white peach joins this mouthwatering cocktail, leading the way to a floral bouquet of creamy magnolia petals and majestic rose. Two different rose notes bloom in harmony at the heart, giving the fragrance its unique signature. Rose centifolia superessence reveals the crisp and fresh facets of the flower, while rose absolute brings a more sensual and powdery quality – the iconic rose note. This rich rose heart is counterbalanced by a background of soft musks, mingling with sandalwood and white woods to create an addictive sensuality. 


The flacon shares the soft curves and elegant, feminine silhouette of the original Dolce scent, but now the glass takes on a luminous rosy hue, recalling the rose at the heart of the fragrance. The iconic flower cap is reimagined in vibrant red, expressing the vivid personality of the Dolce girl and the captivating facets of the Dolce Rose scent. The bottle is adorned with a thin black grosgrain ribbon, tied in an elegant bow – another signature of the Dolce line. As the finishing touch, ‘rose’ is inscribed on the bottle in vivid pink, reflecting the vivacious spirit of Dolce Rose. 

Dolce Rose

campaign “

The campaign, shot by Branislav Simoncik, stars Deva Cassel as the face of Dolce Rose. Deva perfectly embodies the vibrant mood and playful energy of the Dolce girl. She is seen walking through the flower-lined streets of the city of Bellagio, radiating exuberance and the pure joy of life. As a playful facet of the campaign, Deva has created a TikTok challenge, choreographing a Dolce Rose dance on the Dolce&Gabbana TikTok account. The brand invites Dolce girls all around 

the world to join the movement and recreate Deva’s choreography, expressing their own #RoseAttitude. 


Dolce Collection

Dolce Rose brings a new bloom to the Dolce bouquet – a bouquet that flourishes with an array of different flowers, each scent in the collection bringing a unique new addition. The first bud came with Dolce Eau de Parfum, which combined delicate white water lily, bold white daffodil and white amaryllis, capturing this flower in a scent for the very first time. Then came Dolce Garden with its luscious frangipani blossom, the sunkissed aura blending citrus notes with creamy coconut essence and silky almond milk. Next, Dolce Peony brought a riot of colour to the Dolce bouquet, the free-spirited flower symbolizing positive energy and good fortune. In turn, Dolce Shine brought luminous sunshine, its solar scent of juicy mango and bright jasmine combining with sun-drenched blonde woods to radiate brightness. Now with Dolce Rose, a new flower is added and the Dolce bouquet blooms with even greater abundance, the queen of flowers bringing its vivid colour and iconic, joyful scent. 

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