Victoria Beckham Is Launching a YouTube Channel

The Tea is HOT gals! So without further ado, let’s spill it. VICTORIA BECKHAM just announced her next career move: a Youtube Channel.

Posh announced that she will be launching a YouTube channel, where she will be sharing the same wisdom she’s lent so many of us. Victoria Beckham has been a major source of inspiration for us, from styling tips to beauty advice. We are waiting anxiously for what is yet to come. “Today I have special news to share,” she says in an Instagram video message. “I will be launching my own YouTube channel with beauty tutorials, styling tips, and lots of stuff from me. Stay tuned!”

Ever imagined what it would be if one of the most fashionable and most photographed women in the world were to launch a makeup collection? Well, MRS. BECKHAM did. Now Vintage and missed by many, her Beauty Collab with Estée Lauder certainly imprinted her name in the Beauty Industry.


Photography: Estee Lauder

“This is a new chapter right now, I can put my foot on the gas and do everything that I’ve wanted to do for a long, long time.” , she explains in excitement. From her Fashion Brand to her Collaboration with Estée Lauder, the sky is the limit. If you follow her on Instagram, you can’t help but notice that she’s been sharing her latest beauty finds and many tips, so stay tuned as we are sure these cults, can’t-live-without buys will almost certainly make an appearance in her upcoming YouTube videos. YAY!

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