Much more than a trend, Veganism has been conquering space with traditional brands. As consumers become more concerned with sustainable living, they are more aware of the ingredients and production methods behind their favorite products.

the future of beauty is #VEGAN

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NUXE Bio Organic Replenishing Nourishing Body Oil

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When it comes to the Beauty Industry, there are many alternatives and ongoing initiatives aiming to reduce the environmental impact from product consumption, but the major kick-off within this movement is the awareness that small changes in our habits will make a huge, huge difference. From now on, foster an habit of making an analysis on the labels of the products you want to consume, in order to avoid those that are more toxic to your health and still harm the environment. In addition, is of much importance to investigate whether the brand of the products you want to consume is sustainable or supports the movement.

Once we decide to adopt Sustainable Beauty, we must take into account that what led us to follow this lifestyle, above all, was conscious consumption. So, opt for products that are cruelty-free. Did you know that by making this choice, in average, you save one hundred and fifty animals for each item?  Laboratory Animals Are Animals Too. Make this small step as your contribution to a better world. Taking care of the planet is also taking care of animals! Our favorite Clean Beauty’s highlights:


1.  bareMinerals

bareMinerals means clean beauty without compromise. Pure minerals are at the heart of every bare mineral. All products are 100% cruelty free and free from chemical sunscreens, coal tar, formaldehyde, mineral oils, microspheres, parabens, phthalates, propylene glycol, triclosan and triclocarban. Likewise, bareMinerals is different: keep potentially questionable ingredients away from your skin and the environment.


2.  NUXE Bio Organic

Nature has always been the main source of inspiration and innovation for Nuxe. The Brand’s vision of transparent, green beauty resonates with women’s expectations: first with Huile Prodigieuse®, the frontrunner of natural beauty oils; then by becoming the leader in natural anti-ageing skincare with bio-beauté® by nuxe. Lastly, in 2020 a powerful, sensorial, committed certified ORGANIC skincare line concentrating all of nature’s benefits thanks to star active ingredients obtained using environmentally-friendly technologies was launched.

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3. Beneath Your Mask

Beneath Your Mask was created as a skin, body & hair rejuvenation line designed to restore, repair and reverse the toxic effects of environmental hazards, health challenges, stress, and the damage done from countless other unforgiving aspects of our lifestyles. Along with sharing inspiration from her own personal healing journey, Dana Jackson also wanted to share the luxurious products she began crafting to nourish, revitalize, and transform her skin and hair.


4.  Nooii

Daniela Schweingruber has lived in Switzerland as a passionate beekeeper since 2010. The nooii manufactory stands for high-quality and organically certified products that are good for the body and do not pollute the environment. The five letters in the company name mean N atural O rganic I ngredients I nside. Rosehip seed oil is an important component of all care products. It gives the skin a lot of moisture and vitamin A.

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3.  Aveda

A Clean Beauty. It counts what is in it. That’s why people at Aveda work tirelessly to deliver the best possible products to you. The Brand stands for highly effective hair care from the power of nature with the mission to take care of our environment and of fellow human beings.

Aveda products are now 100% vegan. The high-performance, plant-based hair care brand with the mission of sustainability and caring for the earth,  announced earlier this year a new milestone in the brand’s sustainability strategy: All hair care, hair color, body care, make-up and flavor products are now 100% vegan .

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IZIAScent of a woman

Izia is a fragrance built around a Rose with a unique scent. This rose like a rendez-vous, only blooms for a short time, only once a year. The heart of a modern and multi-faceted fragrance. Imbued with radiant and sophisticated top notes, Izia seduces with its airy, floral heart and the warmth of a woody base softened with musks.

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