“There is a shade of RED for every woman.”

Confidence wears red lips!

Everybody is wearing it, everywhere on social media.
Lipstick has become the number-one way for women of any age to boost their natural beauty. Whatever the colour, it sets the tone, adds personality, injects feel-good vibes and provides the finishing touch to any look.
As a symbol of confident femininity, lipstick can amplify self-esteem in an instant.
Find beauty, feel powerful, free and liberated from dictates.
Take new risks and break with convention…

Le Phyto Rouge

Sisley’s new Le Phyto Rouge

• A vibrant sensory caring lipstick that dazzles and unsettles to add the extra touch of femininity and self-confidence essential to seduction.
• 20 dynamic and colourful shades.
• A long-lasting moisturising formula with a texture that provides constant comfort…


Continuously infused hydration for smoother, plumper, more beautiful lips.

As the lips are not protected by a hydrolipidic film, they are naturally delicate and vulnerable to external aggressions such as pollution, UV rays and cigarette smoke.
They require daily protection, nourishment and intense hydration from specially adapted formulas. To lavish the lips with well-deserved attention, Sisley has incorporated a protective care formula into Le Phyto Rouge:

1. Instantly and for 8 hours:
continuous hydration that soothes and enhances the lips.

• Sisley’s laboratories have formulated the innovative “Hydrobooster Complex”, which brings together two leading active ingredients: Hyaluronic Acid and Konjac Glucomannans, used in a Sisley lipstick for the very first time.
Le Phyto Rouge’s exceptional duo of active ingredients is delivered as filling microspheres, which absorb moisture from the dermis, expand and boost the lips’ water content.

Lips are plumper, smoother and fuller. They are ideally hydrated for 8 hours.

• With its cocktail of natural oils, Le Phyto Rouge enhances lips while providing them with exceptional comfort.
Camellia oil nourishes and maintains lip elasticity and suppleness, while Jojoba oil keeps them soft and comfortable.

From application, lips are coated in a moisturizing layer.

2. With daily application: lips stay younger.

Continued daily application of Le Phyto Rouge also enhances lip beauty thanks to Padina pavonica extract. This hydrating and plumping active ingredient is a Sisley favourite as it promotes Hyaluronic Acid synthesis
and boosts the hydric layer.
The result: with continued application, Le Phyto Rouge enhances lip volume.

Signature shades


One couture case, twenty signature shades.

To celebrate diversity, Sisley has created 20 radiant shades covering four colour families. They adapt to all skin tones and meet the needs of women from around the world with any skin colour.
Saturated with high-tech pigments, they provide deep and bright colour with every application. Adaptable coverage, flawless hold.


Glide-on, soft and enveloping…

Sisley has developed an unrivalled creamy, silky and lightweight formula for Le Phyto Rouge.

By incorporating “First Kiss” technology, Le Phyto Rouge’s soft and melting texture glides on like never before. Its smoothing, imperceptible fluid melds with the lips to bring lasting comfort.
Every time the lips are pressed together, a new wave of sensory comfort is released…
The formula of Le Phyto Rouge also incorporates a trio of esters, oils and waxes that forms an ultra-soothing film on the lips to give a perfectly balanced combination of a glide-on texture and a balm-like effect.

We are in love!

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