The vegan-friendly Goodiebox

Your Beauty-Box dream
in vegan style. Oh Yeah!

Already over 140,000 members in Europe have goodie boxes every month to be enjoying their selfishness beautifying routine. Instead of always pleasing others, one should have his-her own rights in finally being the one on the priority list, even if for only a period of time. So legs are raised without the feeling of guilt and evenings are now filled with self-care and soothing benefits. You are entitled to enjoy your beauty routine to the fullest.

Now your selfishness readiness comes in a vegan form: a goodie box always pays attention to quality, origin and environment when choosing its products, a beautiful box with sustainable vegan selection is now coming onto the market.

This is available immediately and while stocks last at


Who doesn’t know the dilemma: Our own diaries are full of obligations that we believe need to be met as others ask us to do. We go on dates that we don’t enjoy and do the things we don’t really want to do. We feel responsible for the fact that others are “getting things done”. Therefore, we want to please as much people as we possibly can. Unfortunately, we are too often people pleasers and ignore our inner voices, the wisest of them all, the ones that echoes in our heads and tell us “Where am I?” for fear of not being accepted.

This is exactly where the Goodiebox comes in with its selfishness awareness. People Pleaser? Not at all! FOMO? Dear FOBO, Fear Of Burn Out! Too often we sacrifice our own valuable time for others and do exactly what is considered “right” and “correct”. It is correct to appear for an appointment that was made days ago. It is correct to bake a cake for the children’s birthday party quickly instead of buying one. It should be everyone’s right to do things the way you want them to be done.  Self-carer? Yes please! Rebel? Even better! And so you do exactly what is good for you, what you need yourself and what you want – you are “YOUR-SELFISHNESS”.

Goodie-box has already infected 140,000 members across Europe with YOUR-SELFISHNESS. They all already put in their to-do lists,  on that special page every month, and say “No” to expectations from others and “Yes” to themselves.  Goodie-box is the best-rated beauty box in Europe.





The Vegan

Now Goodiebox comes with great news for vegan beauty fans, as well as for everyone who would like to try out vegan products: The vegan goodie box! “We are constantly looking for the best products from established and new brands that are always European and cruelty free. The selection process can often take six months. We also evaluate our products using a criteria catalog, including how natural, organic, plastic-free, vegan and environmentally friendly the products are. Since it is very important to us that we make our members happy and that we have often been asked for an exclusively vegan box, we can now say: it is here! We have put together a selection of luxurious vegan products that you can try and enjoy. None of them contain animal ingredients. ” Line Vendelbo, Head of Partnerships at Goodiebox, is pleased.

The box is now available in Switzerland in a limited edition and while stocks last. Free shipping for CHF 29.95 and no further obligation, the beautiful box with a value of CHF 170 and six vegan products can also be purchased once by non-members. And that’s how a naturally hydrating face cream from Human + Kind, a face oil enriched with Moroccan rose by Dr. Botanicals and a face wash from Huygens enriched with tea tree extract at home and just remind you to do what is good for you.

Goodiebox has only been active on the German-speaking market since November 2019 and has already won 16,000 women in Germany, Austria and Switzerland as members in this short time.

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