The Universally Flattering Single Eyeshadows You Need To Try

We absolutely adore these boujee eyeshadows. The Phyto-Ombre Eclat formula does what it promises: wear all-day long and have a great texture with blendable, buildable colour. It blends to your eyes beautifully and it is the perfect starting point for the most gorgeous eyeliner. A winner and a must-have at the DÉSIRER SUISSE House. Based on the “naturally-derived extracts (green tea, white lily, and camellia)” the formula also “protects and softens the delicate epidermis of the eyelids.” As an eyeshadow, it is exceptional. It is really everything you’d want in an eyeshadow: richly pigmented, beautifully blendable, incredibly finely-milled but never powdery, and long-wearing. It adheres well to the bare skin with even, smooth colour, and the edges soften almost as you apply the colour. It has a very, very minimal fading.

It has been a while since the single shadows fell in the taste of Europeans and women around the globe for an extremely simple and coherent reason: practicality! Because they combine a variety of colour options so easy to carry around, even in the smallest Luis Vuitton bag, being ready for retouch in a blink of an eye. A single case does not take up so much space and make it possible to create countless different looks. Want to invest in this trend too? So check out these most desired Phyto-Ombre Eclat Single Eyeshadows right now and choose at least one to call your own.


Phyto-Ombre Eclat is a mono eyeshadow, available in a wide range of colours with different finishes: matte, satiny, iridescent, metallic and glitter. Enriched in naturally-derived extracts of green tea, white lily, Camellia, its formula protects and softens the delicate epidermis of eyelids. The pigments cover the skin in such a way that allows fora new mastery of colour and a silky, ultra-fine texture that glides onto the eyelid and blends easily. Tested under ophthalmologic and dermatological control. Appropriate for those with sensitive eyes and those who wear contact lenses.
Flawless makeup application without the risk of over-application. For the most natural to the most daring of looks. Impeccable wear all day long.
Apply to dry skin with the eyeshadow brush or Blending Brush. May also be used with a wet Liner Brush for a more intense result or as an eyeliner. Create a customized makeup look by combining several shades.

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