The SFr. 29.90 Hack to make your hair stronger “au naturel”


Stress, lack of good eating habits and even heartbreak can weaken your hair. We’ve been there too!

– Désirer’s Beauty Team


Suddenly, without much notice, you wake up to discover a very scary reality: your hair is literally all over. Falling all over to be more precise.  On your pillows, in the shower and needless to say, anywhere in your house. Then panic mode quicks in … Some of you may already know that castor oil is known to naturally grow eye lashes. 

Many women take advantage of this natural hair hack when it comes to shining after its use while you are in the shower. Because in a blue moon, we find that extra time to indulge ourselves with some well deserved hair care. But what to do if you want to try its benefits in your hair but this time instead, as a hair grow natural agent?

While you’re in the shower, mix a couple of drops of castor oil, preferably a bio version of it, into your shampoo and massage your scalp, focusing specially on the spots where you have been loosing more hair here and there … and lather from the roots to the ends of your hair. 

To keep your scalp and hair as moist as possible, rinse throughout only conditioning the ends. In the beginning, until your hair and scalp get used to it, your hair might be a bit oily, perhaps more so than usual. Don’t worry, it will adapt with time.  This somewhat affordable natural oil, specially if compared with so many expensive ones that most of the time fail to deliver, is definitely worth a couple of greasy hair days that will ultimately lead to healthier, thicker and certainly glossier locks. The tip is here, don’t miss it.

Bio zertifiziertes Rizinusöl (kaltgepresst)


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