The secret to effectively protect the skin from pollution

A revitalizing, energizing and intensely hydrating skin care product that comprehensively combats all types of pollution: INDOOR (pollution): paint, cleaning products, electrical appliances, candles, etc. OUTDOOR (pollution): atmospheric pollutants, exhaust fumes, cigarette smoke. NEW TECHNOLOGY (digital pollution):
device screens, artificial blue light, constant internet use.


SisleYouth protects the skin’s youth potential by
combating the impact of indoor and outdoor pollution
on the skin. It also helps to shield it against the harmful
effects of new technologies.

LESS WI-FI, MORE ENERGY! A full-time job, short nights or constant internet use: for whatever reason you might have, SisleYouth is the ideal companion to a hectic lifestyle, giving the epidermis a boost with its ultra-energizing action. Ginseng extract, renowned for its invigorating properties, gives a fresher, revitalized complexion. Kiwi extract nourishes the skin with minerals and vitamins to restore its vitality. The facial features are immediately rested and revived, reproducing the effects of a good night’s sleep. The complexion is left fresh and luminous, while skin radiates new-found energy!

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