The most beautiful lips

‘I want to grow old gracefully’: I used to insist that inner beauty was better than Botox and Lip fillers the same way I used to believe that my ideal man was ‘just around the corner’.

After I took some time in life to reflect about myself and my past relationships I got to thinking that a little help doesn’t hurt, right? 

For many years I have been dedicated to my demanding job and raising my daughter properly, so much so that I have to confess that time passed by and even though it was actually very kind to me, I started to develop some self-awareness I didn’t have before. I was not in my late 30s anymore after all. Being single and as of lately still on the search for a lifetime companion after many broken hearts, I have decided to take the matters into my own hands. 

My lips have always been the highlight of my face, having beautiful lips are essential for my self-confidence. Every single time I was feeling down in life, and believe me there were many times, I would run to my beauty cabinet and would choose the most beautiful and intense red lipstick I could find. Once I had the first strobe of red color on my lips, I would feel like the most confident woman on earth and immediately would find the inner strength I needed to conquer absolutely anything I wanted to. 

Photos: María Victoria Heredia Reyes

Then one day my new found “love” became an immense disappointment and that led to sadness and loss of confidence. I felt so insecure. I couldn’t help but think that as much as I would like to deny it, being in your young 40’s is not like being in your 20’s anymore, even if you have been taking the very best care of yourself and being very diligent with your health and looks for some decades. Your face and lips are just not the same anymore. Your body does not respond the same way to burn those wine calories from last night’s rendezvous nor does it respond to having magnificent lips if you continue to be completely careless. I am a “spare no money” beauty lover and have always invested heavily on “the best of the best” as far as cosmetic products go, including on my lips: lip scrubs, lip creams, plumping night creams, lip moisturizers, you name it.  Mention a cream and I have tried it. From La Prairie, to Sensai and pretty much the majority of the most expensive luxury brands in Europe and beyond.  But there comes a time where you simply need an extra help. Yes, I do accept ageing but I have made the conscious decision that I want to and will age beautifully. And I absolutely don’t mind paying for that! 

The Most Beautiful Lips

Then I got to thinking, do I want to enhance my lips? Do I want to resource to a volumizing filler? All I want is to have them look and feel as if I were younger. I don’t want the extremely voluptuous lips that are evidently so unnatural. 

But what are lip injections anyway?

Before doing my lip injection research, I had also assumed that lip injections were always for vanity. However, I learned that these injections go far beyond pouty looks. They can also correct the shape of the lips.  I have been blessed with a majestic lip shape but many women would love to add some extra nuances on their upper or even sometimes lower lips. 

Was I a good candidate then? “Lip injection is not just augmentation for the purpose of aesthetics, but also to help correct or change the shape and create a more balanced overall facial structure. To rejuvenate, refresh your lips.” That was exactly what I was looking for. All I wanted was a light emphasis on reshaping and contouring, giving them a harmonious and natural look. Let me say it again, a NATURAL look. 

Praxis am Zeltweg

Duck lips mean something went wrong and I was scared to become one of these women I see from time to time walking down Bahnhofstrasse in Zürich or at some locations in Geneva wearing the most unnatural and obnoxious lips. Duck lips are the result of incorrect placement of the filler. Period! 

Lip fillers are probably the hottest beauty treatment right now if done correctly! I decided to share my personal experience with you to break the tabu and to show that if perfectly done, the results are breathtakingly amazing.

Let me stress that with any cosmetic procedure, regardless of its extension,  it’s something you should definitely put a lot of thought into. You should also be 100% certain of your decision, and if it’s your personal choice and right for you, don’t let other people’s opinions change that.

From working with the best plastic surgeon in Zürich for a couple of years now for some light Botox, here’s everything I’ve learned that you should know before you make an appointment: 

Photos: María Victoria Heredia Reyes

1. Your doctor:

Choose a good practice, a good board certified surgeon to take good care of you. A good surgeon will be able to ensure your smile remains in balance and that you look authentic. A good surgeon will not allow you to be plastic or to have a fake lip look. 

2. Take it very slow:

You can always get it topped up little by little with time and cautious to achieve the utmost result. 

3. The question shouldn’t be how big but how natural should your lips look?

Before making an appointment, you need to think long and hard about how you want your lip rejuvenation.  Your lips shouldn’t be changed too dramatically. You really don’t want that much of a   noticeable difference, but a Juvenal, a Brigit Bardot feel.

xoxo, Desii

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