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Vera Purtscher


Austrian architect Vera Purtscher began her design career in 1997 with her first tableware designs – a teapot warmer “Inner Fire” for Alessi followed by the Tantrisporcelain and the unique MoonLashes cutlery which quickly found its way to the tables of some of the World’s best chefs. Her latest collection, the SinStella glassware launched last year is exclusively used by chef Gabriel Kreuther in his eponymous restaurant in New York. The order books are full and the handmade exclusive glasses expect patience of the clients, as there are long waiting lists. Furthermore, the beautiful Champagne Flutes from the SinStella collection have been chosen for Meghan & Harry’s official Royal Wedding album.

Vera Purtscher on the Meghan & Harry’s official Royal Wedding album.

SinStellaA Joyful Experience

After the very successful MoonLashes cutlery collection, the latest creation by VERA PURE is the SinStella glass series, which aims to revolutionize the fine dining experience in the catering and private sector. SinStella was born from an inspiring cooperation with some of the World’s best chefs. “The basic idea of these novel glasses is to separate the foot and stem from the bowl. The collection features a sculptural, aerodynamic base made of the flawless K9 glass which holds different crystal-glass inputs and can be used individually for both drinks and meals,” explains architect and designer Vera Purtscher. “The possibilities are endless – from a standing reception to a multi-course dinner.” This robust, yet highly functional solution is noble design glass piece: Chef Gabriel Kreuther’s scallop crudo served in the SinStella UFO glass has even been described as “The most beautiful dish of the year” by the New York Post!

Prestigious client list

Celebrity chefs appreciate both the functionality and the creative potential of this extraordinary glassware, its fascinating aesthetic and the ergonomic design. VERA PURE’s designs are positioned in several exquisite restaurants all over the world.
Among them are chef Hans Haas’ Tantris in Munich, Heinz Reitbauer’s Steirereck restaurant in Vienna and Holbein’s in Frankfurt, Hangar 7 in Salzburg, Marcus Wareing’s restaurant at the Berkeley Hotel in London, Bobby Bräuer’s Esszimmer in the BMW World in Munich and Vila Joya in Portugal with Dieter Koschina as the head chef. In the US, it’s the AlsatianGabriel Kreuther who serves his dishes with the MoonLashes cutlery and SinStella glasses, alongside the stylish World of McIntosh. Likewise, VERA PURE designs complemented the creations of Mario Lohninger in his legendary Cocoon Club in Frankfurt.

Vera Purtscher

… and now Royal

Just recently, the SinStella glassware was featured in the book by the Rolls-Royce Enthusiasts’ Club, launched last month at the Goodwood Estate and will be among a handful of luxury brands included in the publication for the upcoming wedding of Prince Harry and Ms. Meghan Markle “Harry & Meghan – The Wedding Album”. 

On 300 pages, the high-quality book will cover different parts of the life of the couple, their private life and charity work, and in addition, exclusive stories of luxury brands. A Champagne Flute carefully engraved with a crown and the initials of Harry and Meghan perfectly fits this special moment. VERA PURE, as a small Swiss/Austrian design family business, is proud to be able to contribute a small part of the royal celebrations.

Meghan & Harry’s official Royal Wedding album.

It’s all about love.

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