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Sometime ago, I fell in love with face masks and currently they are one of my very favourite skin care products.

But having constantly experimented a lot of beauty products myself, I have a new norm:

I am not fooled any longer by coloured and cute packaging which are purposely arranged in shelves to call my attention.

Instead, I’ve become very conscious about carefully reading the ingredients of every single face mask I buy, after all you only have one face so you’d better take very good care of it.  And what can be better than SWISS MADE Face and Eye Masks?

One of my favourite things after applying a face mask is the feeling of toned, tightened and improved skin after a single use.  It’s like having your very own SPA in the comfort of your house.



Close your eyes and picture yourself lighting some candles, sitting on your cozy sofa, reading your favourite book while having your most beloved face mask working its magic.  Or even when you draw a warm bubbly bath like I just did. It’s like a dream in a small package. Spa Wonderland For The Face, Body And Soul.

In one of my many visits to Marionnaud, I came across this new Swiss line of Face Masks, Le Masque,  and completely fell in love with them. They were so good that I felt compelled to write Le Masque Switzerland an email and voice my opinion. I have learned that this company really cares about the quality of the products they create their masks with, they are long time experts in Skincare and they definitely know what they are doing.

Our team had the opportunity to try their face and eye masks and without a doubt, their products are simply the best on the market. Period.

So let’s talk about the HYDRATING & REVITALISING FACE MASK , the COOLING & LIFTING EYE MASK and the 5 reasons you should apply them right now:

Utmost Relaxation

The luxurious LE MASQUE Face Masks will not only revitalise and deeply hydrate your skin, they will also be quite therapeutic. With its organic properties, the Bio-Cellulose face and eye masks are the best way to treat your skin. The cool moist gel sensation will relax your mind and spirit and will definitely leave you with a fabulous and glowing skin. And that is pure relaxation.

Deep Cleansing of Your Skin

As all LE MASQUE Face Masks and Eye Masks are made of 100% natural products, they will deep cleanse your skin by removing dirt, oil, makeup and impurities from the surface of the skin. High quality face masks take the cleansing process to another level. Those carefully formulated face masks will draw out impurities that usually hide beneath the top layers of your epidermis. The changes are noticeable almost immediately as your skin goes through a deep detox, a deeper cleaning process. The Result: supple and plump up skin, diminished pores and overall appearance is revitalised.

Unclog Your Pores

The biggest mistake any woman should avoid is not removing her make up properly. You must clean your skin daily and thoroughly. When your face is not properly cleansed, specially at night after removing your make-up, your pores will be clogged. Then it comes the blemishes, a.k.a. bacteria that starts to grow all over your skin, and the sensation that your skin is just not the same anymore.  LE MASQUE will help to remove the build-up of dead skin cells and consequently will help to unclog your pores. This in one of the most important reasons to use the Best Quality Face Mask you can find.

The Most Beautiful Glowing Skin

LE MASQUE Face Masks will help in stimulating blood circulation. Did you know that the process of the mask drying on your skin and beginning to tight, along with the removal of the mask, causes an expansion in the blood vessels in your skin?  If you have ever gone to a SPA , you’ve been told that face masks will ensure an overall improvement in skin tone. Results are softer-feeling and smoother-looking skin with that incomparable radiant Glowing Skin.

Helps Your Overall Beauty Regimen

Face Masks help your overall regime mostly because your skin will be at its best. It will be moisturised, plump up and full of elasticity. Reduced skin elasticity is a fact of ageing for most people so invest in yourself and enjoy a face mask at least once a week. There is no perfect and flawless make-up if what you have underneath is not well taken care of.

My very personal experience with LE MASQUE EYE MASK: it was simply fantastic.

I find myself every morning with dark circles and I can testify that it definitely helped in dramatically reducing its appearance. The puffiness underneath my eyes as well as the dark circles were way less visible and this Editor was very happy!

What are you waiting for?

Run To One Of The Many Marionnaud Stores And Get Yourself  Your Very Own Facial Spa.


Enjoy your Sunday.

You can buy all products from Le Masque Switzerland directly on their website at or exclusively at every Marionnaud Store or online at

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