The 3 hidden gems from Sisley that bring perfection to my skin

In between writing songs and long recording hours in a studio while she works tirelessly in her music debut, Alicia stopped by for a photo-shooting with DÉSIRER SUISSE. Looking at her eclectic lifestyle, we had a candid conversation about spring-summer skincare and make-up novelties (and her favourite products for the season). And she gave us some of her best tips: 

The way you care for your skin is just as important as the makeup you apply to it. “I start with an essential revitalizing and moisturizing skin care in the morning”. I simply adore the Emulsion Ecologique by Sisley Paris. It is such an iconic and timeless product.

Then I layer a good amount of sunscreen and UVA + UVB protection. Besides hydrating my skin, I also want to make sure it’s properly protected from the sun – and that means wearing sun care every single day, winter and fall included, even under my makeup. 

I love the natural look, so whenever I can, I just use a tinted moisturizer and a good concealer where I need it the most, usually under my eyes area and to cover some minor spots and blemishes. “Makeup likes to move around in hot days here in Switzerland, so the best way to avoid that is to wear less of it.” 


I protect my skin with Sisley’s supreme anti-ageing sun care 


The secret to timeless skin is sun care. So no more excuses girls! I always start my day protecting my skin. Why I love this skin-sun-care?

A high-technology filtering complex optimizes skin protection: A combination of four photostable filters offers an optimal ratio of UVA to UVB protection. 

These four filters cover a wide UV spectrum – including long-wave UVA rays – to effectively protect against photo-induced ageing and combat the formation of dark spots on the skin. This anti-UVA/UVB protection is ideal for initial exposure, very fair skin or skin that is extremely sensitive to the sun. It is also aimed at women who want to protect their skin with a very high sun protection factor. Water-resistant formula.


I wear it natural. And I feel amazingly Beautiful!

Tinted Sun Care Youth Protector

This product might be the true hidden gem from Sisley Paris. Its formula is pure magic! Every time I wear this tinted suncare as my foundation – one of the many tips I’ve got from working with Sisley Paris’ Swiss National Visagist Davide Hahmeyer – I receive the most compliments about my skin.

Sisley SUPER SOIN Tinted Sun Care SPF30 is a solar treatment with colour that protects the most sensitive skin from sun radiation, free radicals and photoaging, which may cause premature ageing. It also keeps the skin hydrated with a healthy tone. After use, my face is refined and homogeneous, free of lines, spots and pores. Its protective barrier is also reinforced to face the external aggressions. It has an ultra-light and non-greasy texture that makes it a suitable product for all skin types, even those with an oily tendency.


I double-protect the sensitive areas of my face

Super Stick Solaire Tinted Sun Care Spf 50+

I carry this beauty-must-have on my pocket. It’s my high-security for sensitive areas. I only have one face so I take extra care this time of the year.  Perfect for sport and outdoor enthusiasts like me.

As the lips, cheeks, eye area, nose and forehead are more directly exposed to the sun’s rays, these particularly fragile and vulnerable parts of the face must be specially protected with a high sun protection factor.

Super Stick Solaire Tinted Sun Care SPF 50+ provides the most vulnerable parts of the face with very high sun protection thanks to a high-performance complex of mineral screens that protect against the effects of intense sunlight.

Its ultra-practical format means that it can be slipped into a pocket or bag and taken anywhere. Simply apply and reapply for day-long protection during outdoor activities. 

Beauty products used on my photoshoot:

Mascara: Sisley So Curl + Sisley So Volume (Yes, I love to double coat!)

Blush: L’Orchidée used on my eyes (my beauty hack) and on my cheeks.

Concealer: Stylo Lumière which is a cushion pen

Eyebrows: Phyto-Sourcils Fix Thickening setting gel


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Lips: Le Phyto Rouge in colour 10 Beige Jaipur + Phyto-Lip Delight beauty lip care #1 cool as lip gloss.

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