Immune system
Starting your A.M.s with a boost

Kurkuma: The Superfood Star.

We are entering a second lock-down. During this confinement period, it is especially important not to give up on health and self care. A balanced diet, an exercise routine in combination with good sleep are necessary to fight this somewhat confusing period. 

“Start your day with Meditation,
getting yourself grounded.”

In Switzerland, we drink lots, lots of Tea. There’s nothing better than Nature when it comes to propel a boost in your immune system.  If you don’t have Kurkuma in your natural pantry, a great alternative is Ginger.


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Lemon tea

Due to its anti-inflammatory power and its abundance of vitamin C, lemon tea helps to maintain strengthened immunity and efficiently protects the body’s health. It is also used to help treat respiratory problems such as colds and flu.

The boosting twist: Kurkuma 

You can buy Kurkuma (Turmeric) in fresh or powder form. When in “al naturel”, its structure is very similar to ginger, except for the colour difference when peeled, which is a vibrant orange.

It is considered one of the most powerful anti-inflammatory sourced Species on our planet and offers several benefits for immunity, acting on different systems of the human body: from the brain system to the digestive system, as promoting the detoxification of the organism.

Boost your immune system in early mornings with this very simple, delicious recipe: 

  • 1 large cup with hot water 
  • 3 slices of Lemon ( you can also blend the slices with water on your vitamix to enhance the strength of your tea )
  • 1/2 teaspoon of Kurkuma
  • Add  1 teaspoon of honey from your local producers
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