Shiseido innovates with InternalPowerResist technology

Shiseido presents InternalPowerResist technology

Already initiated with Ultimune, the iconic serum with 38 patents, Shiseido’s skin defence strategy has been reinforced with this new essential range, the guardian of the skin’s natural defence system. Thanks to InternalPowerResist technology, this range of two-step cleansers and lotions gets rid of pro-oxidative factors and restores the skin barrier to protect and support the Langerhans cells. When immersed in an optimal environment, these cells fulfil their defensive potential.  Mineral Water from the Kirishima Spring can be found at the heart of all the cleansers and lotions. Perfectly pure, this legendary water from Japan has just the right balance of essential minerals for the skin: potassium, sodium, magnesium and calcium. This beneficial water adds Ca2+ ions to the skin, which spread out underneath the stratum corneum. The ionic gradient that occurs encourages the differentiation of keratinocytes into corneocytes, which are key components of the stratum corneum and vital for reinforcing the barrier function Shiseido presents InternalPowerResist technology.

Shiseido Internal Power Resist technology
Shiseido Internal Power Resist technology

Step 1 – The Cleansers

The range’s star ingredient, rice germ oil, combines active ingredients found in rice bran and its root. This ingredient has cleansing as well as antioxidant properties and purifies the pores, sensitive areas with many Langerhans cells where pollutants and oxidised sebum can become trapped. Combined with mild surfactants and ingredients that form a protective layer, this oil seals in the skin’s moisture and creates a more favourable environment for the proper functioning of the skin’s defence system. Tested under dermatological control, the cleansers are suitable for all skin types, including the most sensitive. Each product has an unprecedented galenic formula as well as specific ingredients to meet the exact needs of targeted skin types.

  • Clarifying Cleansing Foam
  • Deep Cleansing Foam
  • Extra Rich Cleansing Milk

STEP 2-  The Lotions

The lotions contain witch hazel extract with powerful antioxidant properties that help to maintain the healthy functioning of Langerhans cells. They also contain an extract from the Mukurossi fruit to inhibit Heparanase enzyme activity, which plays a role in the appearance of wrinkles.

Finally, Lempuyang root extract slows down Tyrosinase enzyme activity, which controls melanin production. More than just lotions, these anti-ageing skincare products guarantee 24 hours of moisture, while also helping to strengthen the skin, maintain its balance, improve its texture and prevent the first signs of ageing. There are two versions, formulated for each skin type with a selection of specific ingredients.

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