Say goodbye to skin redness with the new Redness Relief Essence by Dermalogica

Visible reduction of skin redness already at first use – The new Redness Relief Essence by Dermalogica may become your new best friend.

For people with skin redness and sensitive skin, it is often difficult to find suitable skin care products. Sensitivity and redness affect everyone’s skin type, from dry to oily skin – the reasons for this range from the genes to Triggers such as stress, nutrition, cosmetic ingredients, allergies and Environmental Pollution. Finding the cause of the redness is often easier said than done. Redness Relief Essence by Dermalogica is a new way of getting redness through. To treat sensitization without risking additional skin irritation. Easy as a Toner and concentrated like a Serum: the refreshing formulation of Redness Relief Essence reduces redness immediately and visibly. At the same time, the sensitivity of the skin is reduced by strengthening the moisture barrier of the skin.
Main active ingredients and benefits: Redness Relief Essence reduces the appearance of redness; boosts the Skin moisture and strengthens the moisture barrier and it has a soothing effect balancing on the skin.

The Ingredients:
• Potassium salt of Glycyrrhizinsäure (liquorice root) extract mitigates irritation. • Piperonyl glucoside reduces redness. • Naturally antioxidant, derived from oats Avenanthramide, beta-glucan and Vitamin E soothes and relieves skin irritations, redness and distension. • Salvia officinalis (sage) leaf extract supports the rebuilding of the protective Lipid barrier. • Aloe vera leaf juice provides the skin with moisture to relieve irritation through dry skin.

The Application:
Shake well before use. After cleaning a small amount in the Hand palm and pat gently on the face, neck and décolleté. Then serum and Apply Moisturizer. Can be used for more sustainable results in the morning and in the evening.

Redness Relief Essence will be available from April 23rd in Switzerland.

About UltraCalming:
Redness Relief Essence is part of the soothing UltraCalming segment of Dermalogica, which provides effective relief for sensitive skin. Redness, dryness, Tension, itching and brittle skin are alleviated. Future reactions of the Skin is prevented and the lipid barrier is rebuilt.

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