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Brilliant is the first word that comes to mind when we hear about Romero Jennings. The Director of Makeup Artistry for M.A.C. Cosmetics took some time of his extremely busy schedule to talk to us. What a distinct honor it was to hear his beauty tips and advice. I cannot wait to visit NY and meet Romero and his Fabulous Mom.

How was your transition from Fashion to make-up? 

Attending Fashion Institute of technology in the 1980’s was a good foundation for my makeup career! It allowed me to appreciate detail and discipline!  Both makeup and fashion design require them.

You were able to imprint your signature style in so many celebrities. Is there an unforgettable one?

It’s always fun to transform celebs. Many like a version of their signature looks so often it is a traditional beauty makeup done with a Romero spin! This usually consists of an unexpected element.

Does the Japanese culture still influence your make-up? 

Japanese sensibility is a huge part of my makeup style but since I am now a global citizen I get inspired by the globe!

Your work is simply exquisite. Where do you find so much inspiration? 

I love life, sunshine and gardening which inspires me! Many good makeup moments/ inspiration come from watching my mom doing her makeup back in the 1970’s (@romerosMOM) on Instagram.

Do you incorporate your experience from the Fashion Shows in your daily work?

Yes, I do I incorporate all aspects of my work back in my work now!

What does make-up allow you to do?

It allows me to create with freedom and from the heart!  I have been with M.A.C. cosmetics for 25 years and if I didn’t honestly love makeup I could not do it for so many years.

Do you have any make-up secrets to share with our readers?

Yes, one is my flashlight from Home Depot that I use backstage to see details! Using your warm fingertips to curl your lashes while in the shower can create dreamy lashes even before using a lash curler!

Exfoliating your skin regularly is key for a polished youthful glow!

Perhaps an easy to go make-up trick for the many of us always in a rush but looking for the flawless results?

Studio fix (Powder Foundation) from MAC is the way to get flawless matt skin in seconds! It will look like you took your time to do foundation, concealer and powder! #MYFave

Make-up this season has a sparkle/ Glow and makes a statement.

What are the makeup products you cannot live without? 

Prep and prime skin refined zone primer to minimize pores, matriculation skin and provide a long-lasting makeup! I love using it for celebs!

24-hour eye base for applying glitter! You will have no fall out until you take the glitter off!

I live for a mini lash curler!

Tell us about your love for MAC. 

M.A.C. has become my family over my 25 years there! I love working in a creative environment that allows me to feel supported! It is truly a #DreamJob

What advice would you give to all young and aspiring make-up artists?

Start an Instagram page

Be sincere and organic with your posts

Your Instagram page is now your business card.

Use your digital camera to zoom in on your work! Use it as a tool to see mistakes and improve skills!

Be kind and cordial to everyone!

Know your worth but work hard and you will achieve your dreams.

Who is Romero Jennings?

Romero is a hard worker that believes in working towards great results

Romero loves family and people

Romero is grateful

Romero is always striving  to create his dreams on faces

Romero loves innovation in products tools and makeup if I don’t see it on the market I want to create it! Like my metal eyelashes and eyebrows.

By Editor in Chief

DARLINGYOU Magazine, December Issue, Page 33

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