Rahua & the Green Utopia

In celebration of Earth month, Rahua® by Amazon Beauty® Inc. is pleased to introduce a meaningful and magical story, entitled GREEN UTOPIA, of how two women of different cultures unite for the better good of our planet.

The two characters, Alice and Nina, come from two different worlds – one from modern, commercialized New York City and the other, the depth of nature in the Amazon Rainforest. Alice is triggered by an awareness of over-consumption and Nina is saddened by seeing the destruction and pollution in her natural waters. Through a dream-like revelation, Alice recognizes the connection between water and life and an awareness of how the planet relies on nature to go on living. It is here that Alice and Nina bond a sisterhood and together hero their power to make a difference – bringing awareness to environmental issues including disruption of the eco-system and pollution.

Rahua® by Amazon Beauty® Inc. encourages that although we all may live different lives and come from different cultures, when we work together to educate each other we can create the path for a symbiotic relationship with nature. “Every single object we use, and discard, is taking away from nature; these objects destroy nature in one way or another,” says Fabian Lliguin, Ecoagent and President of Rahua® by Amazon Beauty® Inc.  Lliguin goes on to say “We can make a difference if we are conscious, thoughtful and purposeful about what products we buy and how we use them. With our buying power, we can choose to support eco-friendly businesses, ultimately giving power to green companies whose mission is to reduce waste and carbon footprint, ultimately nurturing the planet for future generations.”

Who do you give power to? Beauty is Power!

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