Getting inspired for
Valentine’s Day

 Joanna Buchanan celebrates love
with a bee collection

– Bee mine – 

Accessory designer Joanna Buchanan & the Bee mine collection


Just in time for Valentine’s Day, accessory designer Joanna Buchanan presents a collection inspired by nature that celebrates her love and fascination for bees. Joanna has made it her business to create cheerful home accessories for everyday life and special occasions. With her attention to detail, she has put together individual pieces especially for the festival of love, which perfectly embody the message of love and generosity.

Joanna Buchanan’s vision of creativity, color, texture and pattern is based on her love for decoration and joie de vivre. She has demonstrated her ability to create modern colors, stylish graphic patterns and eclectic furnishings since her first luxurious accessories collection in 2014. She has always been inspired by her mother’s passion for traditional holiday decorations. Constantly looking for an extraordinary twist, she manages to transform interiors with a touch of vintage sophistication and glamour. On Valentine’s Day, Joanna Buchanan is once again celebrating her enthusiasm for bees and her love for nature and invites you to discover a new interpretation of bees and roses.

Accessory designer Joanna Buchanan & the Bee mine collection

The love of nature

Inspired by her garden in Connecticut, Joanna Buchanan’s creations combine a variation of natural elements from flora and fauna. The bee, one of her trademarks, alludes to the designer’s love for nature. Flowers, bees’ closest allies, symbolize the feeling of blooming love and generosity. The red roses in the picture underline the festive, glamorous and luxurious way of enjoying life.

Passionate charm

In addition to the elements drawn from nature that are inherent in Joanna Buchanan’s creations, there is a touch of magic from her decorative pendants. The red heart and lip designs, which are offered as wine bottle accessories and cocktail sticks, are a wink to the typical Valentine’s Day motifs. These lucky charms are a modern take on classic romantic decorations with a sense of humor and magic.

Accessory designer Joanna Buchanan & the Bee mine collection
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