Parisien Beauty Tips

We love Natalie Portman. Since the Super Star moved to Paris, she learned some beauty tips with the Parisien Girls and we cannot wait to share them with you.

Never change the shape of your eyebrows

This is a trend that arrived to stay. Thin and poked eyebrows are long gone.


Apply Mascara starting from the root of your lashes

Beauty trends come and go. But the good ones tend to stick around and become a MUST DO in our Beauty Regimen.

Root stamping is the new era on the Mascara Universe. This simple trick has been used for decades and it is known to make your lashes look thicker, fuller and more dramatic.
Curl your lashes, then concentrate your mascara at the root of your lashes. Complete by bringing the mascara until the end of your lashes. If you use a mascara that gives you lots of volume, even better.
Apply two or three coats for the utmost effect.


She wears lipstick on her cheeks

A Flawless skin is not completed without a blush. But we gals know that sometimes for lack of time or perhaps by pure distraction, we forget to add this important step that completes our look so beautifully.
Forgot to apply blush before leaving the house? No worries. Grab that red lipstick from your beauty bag, transfer some into your fingers and gently dab them into your cheeks.
Voilà: Beautiful and Flawless finish in no time.


Natalie Portman’s Photo Credit: Vogue


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