O! WOW Foundation Brush

You guys, I am obsessed! I have been trying for a month the O! WOW foundation brush by Cailyn Cosmetics.

Being a lover of my many beauty blenders I have to confess that cute brush is an awe-inspiring foundation brush.

Dome, Angular Shaped

Pointed Tip

Slip Off Cap

Sturdy, Tilted Handle

Few times have I felt such velvet-like bristles and densely packet ultra fine fibers on my skin.

I tried it with my LA MER The Soft Fluid Long Wear Foundation SPF20 and with my LA PRAIRIE Cellular Treatment Foundation Powder Finish.

The Results were incredible!

My foundation had an airbrushed effect and was simply flawless.

My skin is normal with some dry patches during fall and winter. I am over 39 so it is not every brush that works well on me now a days …

This is definitely a oh yes Darling product.


This brush is compatible with any type of foundation, BB Cream, powder, moisturizer, primer, blush and bronzer.


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