I am sure that many of you are OCD as I am when it comes to your make up, shoes, bags and pretty much everything surrounding you.

For those who are not, that is perfectly ok. Everyone is unique and you should embrace yourself, no matter what! Flaws and all. You are beautiful just as you are.

Some say that OCD is bad, I say that OCD is a blessing! My things are always organised.

Sexy and the City made me addicted to bags, shoes and all that is related to beauty. And life made me addicted in organising them.

So today, while cozying up in my house and sipping my hot matcha tea – it is cold and rainy outside … I decided to show you how I organise my bag. I do not change bags every single day of the week as I find it too much for me. I work, I take care of my family plus who has time for that?  I certainly don’t.

I change my bag every weekend usually on Sundays, so I am ready to be up and running as soon as the sun rises, most of the time even before that during this time of the year.

I organise my bag with several necessaries. I want to be able to open my bag and quickly find what I am looking for.

In the first necessarie I have some lipsticks with colours that I would use for several occasions and that I keep changing constantly. A Classic Red, a Nude, A Creammy, A Rustic Orange Red and my favourite colour of the time. I am very into Mauves now. And of course, let’s not forget the lip balm.

I don’t like to have a big bag for all my beauty products because sometimes accidents happen and I find easier when you have to clean a batch of products and not your entire make-up bag. Once I forgot a chocolate inside my makeup bag on a summer day and dolls, I cannot tell you the mess that delicious chocolate with run made 😉

In the second necessarie I have one foundation for easy re-touch or to use when I am in such a hurry in the morning that I have to doll up in the train. I also have an eyeliner, a Kajal and some mascaras. I love to use the small ones that I receive as a gift.

In the third one I have my Caudalie Beauty Elixir so I can use it as a primer, to fix my make up or simply to refresh my face. It is divine. I also have more lip balms when it is winter time and a hand cream. My hands get so dry at this time of the year that a hand cream is a must have for me. I also have a small version of my favourite Perfume because a girl needs to smell Amazing. ALWAYS.

In the fourth necessarie I have all my iPhone 6 Plus Supplies so I am reachable and connected to the world 24 x 7.

I almost forgot: I must have in my bag an Echarpe that I chose according to the weather. Believe me, it is a life saver.  I have a collection of them!

I wish you a wonderful Sunday and a Brilliant start of the week.


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