NYFW 17: Bold & Audacious Beauty

I am the queen of red lips. I adore them. I am a proud owner of a collection of many shades and brands. Red lips empower me in a indescribable way. I feel confident, stronger. I feel like I am the million-dollar girl, even if I happen to be at my worst day. It helps me to cope if I am insecure about something, it gives me the strength I need. Maybe Freud can explain that 😉 I am also the queen of blues. With my dark hazel eyes, blue is the best colour to have on them, the colour that brings my inner beauty through my eyes into the outside world. The blue mascaras from SISLEY PARIS and GUERLAIN are my faves. As a rule of thumb in the make-up world, you were not supposed to mix a heavy coloured eye with a powerful and bold red lip. Till NYFW 2017. So buckle up ladies because this year everything is possible, everything is about to change. Yes, this year the jig is up and this combination will go against everything we’ve been told. I am so excited to be bold this season!

photo credit: New York Magazine
photo credit: New York Magazine

But don’t go too far: use a very nude eye base in combination with a light skin tone eyeshadow so your look is natural and supple. Draw a very thin line using your preferred eyeliner and apply a mascara that better intensifies your eye colour. Don’t be shy, be bold. You can play with blues, greens, plums. Be creative. Another great option is a Frosty Blue shadow combined with a nude lip. Very idyllic and romantic. Even though there is a trend of an orangey-red lips, I am the bold and classic blue toned red kinda girl. So enjoy and most importantly LOVE yourself no matter what! Kendall Jenner once again stole the show, she was mesmerising.  

photo credit: La Perla - NYFW SS17
photo credit: La Perla – NYFW SS17



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