Last week we had the pleasure to talk with Naomi, the store manager @ Jelmoli in Zürich, about her love for NARS.

Darling: Why did you start working at NARS?

Naomi: Well, NARS is such an impressive and wonderful brand because their philosophy is that François Nars has made everything himself, and that he takes all the photographs himself.

He says “Brake the rules, do something, step out of your comfort zone.”

I feel that his philosophy reflects myself because I love trying new things and living adventures. And I know that I can stand behind his Brand with complete certainty.

Darling: What makes NARS different from other make-up brands?

Naomi: Like I said, his philosophy and the fact that we can break the rules: the blush doesn’t need to go only on the cheeks and the foundation doesn’t need to be applied only with brushes. Do what makes you happy and works best for you. If you like putting on Orgasm, our best selling blush on your eyes go for it. If you like using your fingers to apply foundation then do it. You can play with many of our products to achieve the best results according to your needs and wishes.

We had lots of fun trying out the new releases. The colours and textures of the 2017 Spring Collection are simply amazing. Inspire yourself with NARS. We did!

Are you digging NARS so much as we are? Don’t miss the PART DEUX of our exclusive interview with Naomi. The NARS team is like you and me, simply Fabulous!




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