Mother! : A Cinematic Masterpiece

Yesterday I found myself in the city with nothing to do, so I decided to take a trip to the movie theatre as it had been a while since I last sat down and watched a good film in the cinema. I hadn’t done any research on any of the movies playing that evening. I chose the movie “Mother!” simply because I saw Jennifer Lawrence and Javier Bardem on the cover.

And so I bought my popcorn and headed into the cinema. After what felt like hours of ads and trailers I had already devoured most of my popcorn and was ready to watch this movie.

This is the first time I just watched a movie at the theatre without any prior research or preconceived notion. I cannot tell you how amazing it felt. To be so blown away by a visually and cinematically stunning piece of art.

I will not spoil the story but even if I wanted to I could not as this is a movie that you need to experience in its entirety to feel all the emotions and get the full experience. In this psychological thriller the cast acted so beautifully and everyone was in complete harmony with each other. The movie did a flawless job of executing emotions and scenarios with an amazing soundtrack, beautiful cinematography and of course the phenomenal acting. I am honestly completely blown away.

What I loved the most about this movie is how it isn’t afraid to get dark or touchy, and how everyone walks away with a different reaction and feeling. I wrote down a line preformed by Jennifer Lawrence, when I heard this line I got goosebumps. The line is the following :

“You never loved me, you just loved how much i loved you”

I won’t comment anything to the scenario in which this line was spoken because, as said, I don’t want to ruin the experience for any one else.

This movie is without a doubt my alltime favourite movie. It is a cinematic masterpiece, the actors proved their capability to play complex characters in dark situations, the directors, producers and editors showed that they could bring so much emotion and diversity out of a movie; it was executed flawlessly.

I highly recommend this movie beyond any other. Darling You Approved!

– Myah


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