We’ve all got our favourite store, so if you are a fan of high-end products but also like some not-so-pricey alternatives and at the same time can’t let go of the best quality that is a big check on your list, then Marionnaud is definitely a store to have on your mind.

Considering today’s constant lack of time, need of expertise and the money spent on figuring out which foundation to invest in alone or which face mask will make you look like a million-dollar-girl, shopping for beauty products can be daunting. And indeed it is. A much better and pleasant experience, however, totally depends on where the products are being sold. And how you are being treated while browsing around for your new object of desire. Stores make a big difference, and knowing which ones are the best is key.

Last year, the majority of the Swiss’ Marionnaud stores were completely revamped and the design is simply A.M.A.Z.I.N.G

There is definitely a welcoming atmosphere in the air. Even the Staff are so polite and try their very best to cater to your needs.

I do buy high-end products very often as I do believe that we should invest in top-notch quality, after all you only get one face right?

Marionnaud has a great fidelity program and reward its customers with some “beauty coupons”, the famous Marionnaud Gutschein.  For every CHF100,00 you buy, you will receive CHF10.00 as a beauty coupon. That is awesome.  Also, what keeps me coming back to Marionnaud time and time again are their multiple promotions

Night shopping, 20% of, Free Shipping, Buy 3 and pay 2 and many more.

The staff is so nice and well trained to please you that at each visit you will leave the store with some samples and sometimes even a little gift.

They also have their own brand, and of course, they are made in France. And we know what that means as far as beauty products: quality. All of these amazing products cost a lot less than anywhere else on the market. So you can save some money, without compromising the quality. Needless to say, they are great. I have some myself.

And some of their exclusive products like Le Masque Switzerland are the BEST I have ever tried.

Pay a visit to one of their many stores and take sometime to take care of yourself.

Whether you’re shopping for yourself or searching for the perfect gift for someone else you also have the option of ordering online at They are so fast and perfect with their delivery that you can relax and save some time when needed.

Love, Sophie.

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