Making us Proud: Swiss Researcher Duo honoured at the Global Change Award

Global Change Award: Researcher duo honoured for circular-clothing.

Dimpora’s Lab work.

An ETH start-up with a great vision that is now gaining recognition: Dimpora’s first circular outdoor clothing is awarded second place by the jury of experts of the Global Change Award. Dimpora enables sustainable clothing for people who really love nature.

The young Swiss Anna Beltzung and Mario Stucki received a young but already prestigious award in Stockholm. The Global Change Award ceremony took place in the Blue Hall where the Nobel Prize winners dine each year. The ecological, membrane-based outdoor clothing from Dimpora was awarded second place by a renowned jury of experts. The two 29-year-old chemical engineers developed the innovation over a period of 7 years. The outdoor enthusiasts came up with it through personal experiences in the Swiss Alps. 

Dimpora’s Team Lab

The invention of the start-up solves a paradox. Conventional clothing for people who love nature can cause considerable ecological and health damage. The cause of this problem lies in the pollutants added to conventional outdoor clothing to protect wearers from rain and harsh weather conditions. Dimpora’s Sane-Membrane is the key to the first mineral-based, non-toxic and fluorine-free alternative for outdoor enthusiasts. 

The Sane-Membrane is a biodegradable and breathable material, which protects its wearer just as effectively and is sustainable and harmless to health. It can be added to any type of garment in the form of a wafer-thin membrane and provides the wearer with lasting protection against all weather conditions. “Basically, we are simply nature lovers who use our knowledge for a meaningful cause. With Dimpora we enable like-minded people to leave nature behind as it was found,” emphasises the passionate fisherman Mario Stucki, whose heart beats for the mountains as well as for functional clothing. 


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