Make-Up On The Go:

This morning I could not help but notice that there were 4 women on the bus getting their make-up ready on the go.

I am talking about foundations, eyeliners, brown pencils, the whole nine yards. I was impressed with the ammount of beauty products they had on their make-up bags.

If your are like me, you know the drill. I am constantly trying to find ways to save time before leaving the house so sometimes there’s just no alternative than to hit the road fresh-faced and do my make-up on the go.

Some years ago, when I had to cross the Zurich lake from Horgen to Meilen every single day, I have to confess that I’ve done my make-up on my car. I had to wake up so early everyday that sleeping those extra minutes were making a difference.

I thought: I have 15 minutes on the Ferry anyways so why not to spend this time wisely. Sometimes I find myself laughting when I remember about the man that used to control the Ferry. He would come to my car last because he knew I was applying my make-up every single day.

Are we crossing the lines when it comes to do our make-up on the go? Isnt’t it too much?

Possibly, but when 24 hours a day are not enough anymore to accomplish our goals, we have no other choice but to maximize our time.


How to achieve a flawless make-up by getting ready on public transport:


Choose multi-purpose products

A lipstick can also be used as a blush. The VICE LIPSTICK CREAM is a wonderful choice. Transfer it to your fingers and dab them into your cheeks for that super blush glow.



The perfect combination for on-the-go bold eyes: Great Mascara and a Color-Fix Eyeshadow

Always bring a mascara that you are used to and that is quite easy to apply.

It is also good to have in your beauty bag a COLOR-FIX EYESHADOW. By Terry COLOR-FIX EYESHADOW is ultra-smoothing, lights up eyelids and it can also be used as a Kajal. Exactly the last touch that you need.


Try as mush as you can to avoid anything powder-based

Think first at the people you are traveling with. It is super annoying to have someone close to you getting ready and then suddenly make-up powder is falling all over you when you are in your way to work.

Powders are a messy recipe for disaster on public transport.


Try to prepare your base before leaving the house

If you are running out of time before leaving the house, apply a BB cream or a tinted moisturizer instead of a foundation.
I don’t know about you, but If I am able to prepare my base at home, it is way easier to complete my make-up on the go.





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