Picture this: It’s saturday morning, you have a million errands to run, starbucks is the first thing on your mind, you’re wearing your favorite yoga pants, and all you want is to rock the natural beauty look… mostly because you’re going out later tonight.

My name is Lauren, and I am a professional ballerina. While I know most of you cannot relate to the task of putting gallons of makeup on for stage, I know every single one of you knows a thing or two about getting all dolled up for a fancy dinner, or to make a cameo appearance at the hottest party of the month. You all understand me when I say sometimes, I just don’t want to do my makeup more than once in a day!! And by sometimes… I mean all of the time.

If you’ve ever gone to the ballet, I’m sure you’ve noticed the ounces of makeup the dancers are wearing, as well as the grace and athleticism of the art. Before every performance, the dancers take a 75 minute ballet class to warm up and prepare for the performance. At this time, no one has their stage makeup on. To avoid looking heinous at this point in my day, I have a super light go to makeup look that involves little time and effort, and doesn’t exhaust my skin. I’m about to show you your new favorite go to pre makeup, makeup look. Ideal for when you know you have to get gorgeous later, but don’t want to look like you just woke up in the meantime. Lets call this the “pre-fakeup makeup look”.

The look I’m trying to accomplish when I apply my makeup in this style is that effortless, natural look that everyone is obsessed with lately, but with a more understated touch. I want to look like I’m not wearing much makeup at all, but that I just happen to have naturally long luscious black eye lashes… even though I am super blonde…  maybe I’m not fooling anyone in the lash department.. But just let me pretend! So here are my pre-fakeup makeup must haves!

First things first, Moisturize!!!! I like to use First Aid beauty Ultra Repair Cream, as it is uber hydrating and restorative, AND is paraben free. I have annoyingly sensitive skin, so if you’re like me, then paraben free is our friend!

Next, I use one of my most tried and true makeup besties: Benefit’s That Gal primer. This light and dew-y primer gives your skin an instant boost as it brightens up your face the way coffee does to your life. Who doesn’t want a little of that to start your morning? Coffee all around please!

On days like this, the last thing you want is to put a pile of cake-y foundation on your baby soft, now super bright skin. I love cake, just not on my face!! My FAVORITE product for the “I hate foundation but I love having perfectly flawless skin” dilemma is Hourglass hyaluronic skin tint. This product is seriously flawless. Think of it more as a tinted moisturizer… with a slight weight to it. It is think enough to cover everything, but thin enough to let you forget that you’re wearing anything! (thats the goal.. remember?) PLUS it has spf 15 so its all your dreams in one product! If you want a radiant glow… I cannot think of a better product. This skin tint is brilliant, and your face will look that way as well!


I like to dust my now bright and glowing face with Hourglass ambient lighting powder. I use the shade “ethereal light”, as it has a sheer pearly finish that just enhances my bright look, rather than applying more cake and color to my natural look.

Now for the cheeks. I use Tart Amazonian clay 12 – hour blush in charisma, and I apply a very very light amount. I’m fair skinned and quite pale, so I love this blush because it gives me that rosy kissed cheek look as if I was blessed to have those perfectly pink cheeks all the time… again.. Im pretending that’s the case.

Let’s talk about my favorite feature.. The eyes! When you know you’re going to do a heavier makeup look later in the day, the biggest recipient of makeup is going to be your eyes.. So let’s give them some vacation time and just use some gorgeous, voluminous mascara until the hour of the smoky eye arrives. I like to use Mac in extreme dimension lash. The bristles are even, and the product applies smoothly, resulting in a lack of clumps, and a surplus of fullness.. Which is exactly what I love.

Finally, the lip. In addition to the eyes, when you’re going for a bolder makeup look, the lips can completely change the dynamic. When I’m wearing this look, I like to add a light, almost natural looking lip color just to give a finished and polished aura. I wear Mac lustre in Lip Blossom. I adore this color as it’s a blushy tone, with a tad of shimme, so it really just enhances my natural look giving me a bit more pizazz than I woke up with that morning.

Once all these things are said and done, I am ready to take on whatever my pre-performance day might throw at me, looking graceful and poised enough to tackle it with class, but also looking natural enough for people to question whether or not I #WokeUpLikeThis.

Love, Lauren.

Credits Ballerina Photo: Russian Ballerina from Kirov Ballet company.


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