Beautiful, Bold.


Katherine von Drachenberg, or KAT VON D as we know her, is a famous tattoo artist and TV Personality. KAT loves make-up so much that she found inspiration to create her own beauty line.  She wants you to feel like she does.:  Beautiful, Bold, Empowered.




We share some of KAT’s secrets:

If KAT VON D had to choose only one make-up item to carry around it would be definitely a red lipstick.

KAT says that she always receives compliments once her lips are plumped with her favourite red.

Her favourite tons of red are the orange ones which are always in trend and are a perfect match for all types of women. So many options to covet that choosing only one becomes a difficult task.

Her utmost secret in wearing red lipsticks: A dark lipstick, a strong coloured one, needs to be nothing less than perfection. So step one is to hydrate and nourish your lips followed by a good lip primer. Line your lips for the perfect outline. Applying your red lipstick on impeccable and soft lips is a must for the perfect look.

The secret of her make-up line is the incredible range of colours and how versatile anyone can be with all her products.

The idea behind her make-up is to help women to add some sparkle into their style, to help them better express themselves.

KAT doesn’t try to impose her style.

Her tip to every women is to be authentic, to express yourself.

She never leaves the house with a clean face, she uses make-up every single day. She sees make-up as a tool to complement your natural beauty. Before loving anything else, you should love yourself. That is what she lives by.

When asked about confidence, she says that there is nothing sexier than a woman that knows whom she is, that knows what she wants and goes for it. Her mother has been her greatest example and she tries to follow her footsteps.

KAT felt in love with make-up when she was still very young, she has always loved it.

The KAT VON D line will be available on the 12. of September at Sephora in Manor Geneva and on 21. of September at Sephora in Manor Zürich.

A note from the Editor in Chief: 

This past Saturday, while looking for a foundation for my daughter, we came across the most helpful, most educated and most kind Beauty Advisor at Sephora in Manor Zürich. My daughter was frustrated because her favourite foundation was sold out.  Noticing that, she immediately offered to go down to the warehouse and look for the foundation that my daughter was coveting for. All of that with a packed store.

My daughter went home with the biggest smile in her face.

Thank you Mrs. ACELYA, if every Beauty Advisor had the care for the customer like you do, shopping would be such a fun experience.

Certain moments are priceless and connecting with your customers is one of them.

Much love from the DarlingYou Team! We can’t wait to see you again.

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