It’s time to embrace a certain parisian elegance

La Bouche Rouge

The first French clean beauty Maison. The first makeup line proposing pure formulas in entirely refillable and recyclable cases.

La Bouche Rouge – 100% Sustainable Lipsticks

The Manifesto
Reasoned Beauty

Today, true luxury implies sustainable
objects and formulas.

Producing and consuming in a sustainable manner
is no longer solely urgent, it’s now also vital.
La Bouche Rouge intends to lead the way in
reinventing everyday objects, guiding women to
consume differently and think in a new manner.

Without greenwashing, La Bouche Rouge chose
to avoid all use of plastics, even those recycled.

The Red Serum
A serum formula, 90 % natural

A formula developed in France
in the in-house laboratory of the Maison

After 6 years of research in the laboratory, La Bouche
Rouge is proud to have created a pure lipstick formula,
without beeswax, synthetic wax or silicone, whose
comfort and hold on the lips are still unequalled.

A unique powder-free texture, soft, rich and exceptionally
long-lasting. Thanks to a high concentration of squalane
and organic virgin jojoba oil, the red serum glides on
and melts on the lips. An ultra-concentrated infusion of
pigments for intense colour and flawless hold on the lips.

A la Bouche Rouge lipstick helps to care for the lips with
each application thanks to a serum formula enriched
with hyaluronic acid and brown algae extract harvested
in Saint Malo. Deep hydration, ultra-concentrated
pigments: pure ectasy.

The red serum is vegan, not tested on animals and
adapted to pregnant women.

La Bouche Rouge – Famille Rouge – 100% Sustainable Lipsticks


This new microplastic-free lip care routine consists of two essential steps. The Scrub, a natural micro-activating peel which exfoliates and smoothens your lips instantly, and the Night Serum ultra-concentrated in vegetable squalane and Vitamin E. A rich and hydrating formula that visibly reduces fine lines. A repairing treatment that instantly exfoliates and plumps your lips. The ideal combination for perfect lips. The 7-day treatment for plump, smoothed, hydrated lips.

Step 1 : the exfoliating scrub. Soft and smoothed lips.

For over a year, our in-house research team worked to find the most effective ingredients. Our Scrub contains precious vegetable oils and cranberry grains selected for their quality and traceability. The scrub gently removes dead skin, stimulates cell renewal and restores radiance to your lips. Apply by delicately massaging in a circular motion on the first and fourth day of the treatment for shapely, plump and smooth lips.

Step 2 : the Night Serum. Hydrated and plumped lips.

The Night Serum is a lip mask, highly concentrated in vegetable squalane and Vitamin E. Apply the Night Serum in generous layers at the end of the day for 7 days. It acts during the night as an envelope to repair your lips and nourish them in depth. Thanks to the combination of Vitamin E and a powerful blend of cold-extracted natural oils, the serum firms your lips and reduces fine lines. It is the ideal treatment for preparing the lips before applying an ultra-pigmented lipstick or a touch of color for a natural nude look.

La Bouche Rouge – Lip Care
La Bouche Rouge – Famille Noir – 100% Sustainable Lipsticks


La Bouche Rouge’s commitment to avoiding the use of all plastics is all-encompassing and truly unique. As such, La Bouche Rouge does not use recycled plastics, whose transformation processes pollute. All our cases are refillable or recyclable. Going beyond the objects we create, we have a sincere desire to better the world that surrounds us. For this reason, a portion of our proceeds are donated to the association Eau Vive Internationale, which seeks to build wells in Togo. Each refillable lipstick purchased provides 100 litres of water to families in need.


La Bouche Rouge creates and develops its products in its own laboratories, on the edges of the Loire, near Orléans. This allows us to have complete control over each step of production. The materials used are selected for their quality, efficacy, and also their origins. We can thereby guarantee that the ingredients were produced with respect for people and the planet.


La Bouche Rouge creates precious objects, which accompany women all throughout their lives. It weaves an enduring bond between French artisans and beauty. By placing artisans at the heart of our creation, we commit ourselves to creating singular objects, which are cherished throughout the years. By creating universal objects and casings, La Bouche Rouge also stands against excess, in an industry that continues to push further consumption.


Artists have always held a special place at the heart of La Bouche Rouge. We consider design, photography and the creative process essential to building the world of tomorrow. They bring La Bouche Rouge to life and allow its message to resonate with women. In the second half of this year, a contemporary artist known worldwide for his commitment to a sustainable world chose to collaborate with La Bouche Rouge.

Where to get La Bouche Rouge in Züri:
Parfumerie Spitzenhaus

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