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In 2017, the Girl Of Now gang revealed its enchanting radiance with a trail of Ormond flower, a unique flower created exclusively for ELIE SAAB blending Almond and Orange Blossoms. Since then, their vital youth, magnetic beauty, and eternal friendship have left their mark on the streets of Paris. Luminous yet elusive, they are now back for a new adventure.

Girl Of Now’s dazzling radiance is leaving the French capital, this time headed for Ibiza, where it’s already summer on the world’s best party island. The Girl Of Now gang is around the pool at the villa. They burst out laughing, take selfies, share secrets, and dance freestyle reliving their antics from last night’s party. The Girl of Now Forever trail magnifies the air. Life sparkles, it’s simply more fun. A moment of friendship to be treasured forever. Before starting over, again and again!

The Girl of Now Forever

Who better than Sophie Labbé and Dominique Ropion, the master perfumers behind the previous releases of Girl Of Now, to augment the girls’ new adventure? This new fragrance is infused with good vibes; the pair has brought a tangy accent to the irresistible Ormond flower and its utterly addictive almond and orange accents. As the notes infuse, a new story begins: fresher, more colourful, and more fun! Its bold optimism merges with a refreshing wave of Lebanese lemonade – an allusion to the designer – in which Lemon Zest and Raspberry notes intertwine. Its elegant and joyful femininity is expressed by Rosa Cassia, the new and unique Rose-Blackcurrant co-distillate, unprecedented in perfumery and infinitely desirable. Its unforgettable Patchouli trail nestles within sensual Cashmeran and Vanilla. More than a fragrance, it’s an ode to youth, to friendship, to life!

With solid glass at the base – as if it were carved out by the sun’s rays – the original elegant bottle has been adorned with a new Coral flower design at its neck that pairs beautifully with the colour of the juice. More pop, more fun, but just as couture! Its box features the signature blue enamel but with new nuances in a whirlwind of flowers that combine Coral Azalea, Sunset Pink, and Mandarin Red.

Girl of Now Forever is also a brand new gang of irresistible girls. Kristine, Hannah, and Jasmine: three models with auras that transcend simple beauty, whose complicity is captured against a blue sky, filtered with pink, and dappled with the vibrant colours of the ELIE SAAB collections. A sun-kissed trio in action, taking a dip in the crystal blue water, sinking into a bubble bath, or simply lying back on a deckchair. A series of unique and spontaneous snapshots, a Girl of Now manifesto… Forever!


Hannah Ferguson
Kristine Froseth
Jasmine Daniels

Elie Saab

Sophie Labbé

Txema Yeste

Makeup by
Victor Alvarez

Hair by
Olivier Schawalder

Styling by
Mélanie Huynh

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