INKS redefined. And they are so BOLD!

Inks combine bold, saturated color with masterful precision for a graphic result that is as easy to apply as it is eye-catching.

EYES Kajal InkArtist Shadow, Liner, Brow.

EYES Kajal InkArtist
EYES Kajal InkArtist

INNOVATION: “This is the everything pencil,” says Gail Boyé, SVP of Global Product Development for SHISEIDO Makeup. An all-in-one liner, kajal, eyeshadow, and brow filler, this tear-proof, sweat- resistant, smudge-proof, crease-proof, and waterproof formula provides a high-impact pigment with an even glide and featherweight feel. Tested by ophthalmologists, it is also approved for use on the inner rim of the eye. The soft, graduated point provides a thin, smooth band along the waterline yet it’s wide enough to be easily swathed across the entire lid. A detachable sharpener was developed to keep the integrity of the tip intact up until the very last swipe, while a sponge blender can be used to create a diffused finish. “It’s the perfect blend of control, color lay down, and playtime,” adds Boyé, allowing users to achieve precise application or course correct before long-wear enhancing ingredients set the formula for 12 hours.

BEAUTY MADE WITH SOUL: Throughout Japan’s vast history, color has continually been linked to a myriad of customs and even rank. “Some shades were considered imperial, while others were designated for the stage,” says James Boehmer, Global Director of Artistry for SHISEIDO. “We loved the idea of taking very traditional colors and reimagining them in a rebellious form that can be used on lash lines, lids, and brows.”

COLOR INSPIRATION: The shade names are inspired by evocative imagery and icons of ancient and modern Japan. Gunjo – a pricey blue pigment derived from azurite that is traditionally used by Nihonga painters – was the jumping off point for Gunjo Blue, while scarlet-coloured beans typically stuffed inside mochi (a classic rice cake) prompted Azuki Red.

J-BEAUTY TIP: Create a statement in one spot. “Go really bold on the eye or brow and keep the rest of the face very minimal and balanced”, explains Boehmer of this approach that reflects the tenets of iki, a popular Japanese aesthetic concept developed during the Edo period that entails looking effortlessly elegant or chic.

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