I Said No, No, No

Benefit Push-Up Liner , One Of The Worst Eyeliners I Have Ever Tried.

I don’t understand the hype over this product as it is definitely one of the worst eyeliners I have ever tried. I was so eager to buy this eyeliner and had such high hopes for it.

The idea of an angled tip was wonderful but unfortunately only on paper, as in reality it simply does not work well.  If the eyeliner was in a pot and the angled applicator was separate, it would actually do its job, maybe would be a winner after all.

When I invest my money on a new eyeliner, I do expect a product that works immediately.

I am sorry, but I don’t buy the “you have to keep trying to find the best way to apply it”.

I have many years of experience with using eyeliners: gels, pens … you name it. I have tried them all. So imagine the girl out there that saved her money and bought this product in the hopes of having the best cat eyeliner and ended up being so frustrated and disappointed. No, this is a no no product. I am sorry Benefit.


Either too much or too little product gets out

It dries super fast, you barely have time to apply the product

Getting a sharp line with this eyeliner is IMPOSSIBLE

It smudges

It smears

It flakes

It crumbles during application

It doesn’t go on smoothly


Intense Black

I would not recommend this product, in fact, I will be returning it.

It’s a  NO, NO, NO!

Love, Sarah

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