How to deal with having a crush

So you walk into your school or work place thinking it is a normal day, then BAM you are greeted by a beautiful human. Your heart starts pounding and thoughts start racing just at the sight of this heavenly creation. You seriously consider the fact that they were jizzled by the gods themselves because something cannot even begin to be so beautiful. Long story short ; you have a crush. Ah! Crush is the most amazing yet agonising feeling known to man. I get it. It sucks. But I`m going to try and help you navigate through this slippery slope. So here are some tips and tricks to deal with having a crush.



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  1. Play it cool. I know this sounds hard but looking desperate is the number one way to make someone run fort he hills. You want to come across as easy to be around and fun.
  1. Whatever you do, do NOT tell a guy you like him. This applies for girls only. If you are a guy that wants to tell a girl how you feel go for it, be the man. But girls, don`t do it trust me. Guys don`t want to be put on the spotlight. This isn`t a Rachel McAdams movie. He will be so creeped out and i twill ruin any chance you had in the first place. Instead, Plant seeds in his mind. Be fun. Be charming. Be flirty. If he doesn’t`t seem interested then that it your answer.

  1. Do not chase a guy. Once again this applies for girls. Men are predators, hunters, so when you chase a guy you are robbing him of that natural instinct. If you see a guy everyday at school or at work, he doesn’t`t have an excuse not to talk to you, do not tell yourself a guy is « too shy » to talk to you.  A guy is NEVER too shy to approach the girl he likes.
  1. Flirt. Flirt away. Flirt ! I get it, it seems scary to put yourself out there and be vulnerable, but what is great about flirting is it is all in the subtlety. Flirting isn`t screaming at the top of your lungs that you like someone. Flirting is subtle, batting your eyelashes, talking more suductively. Little changes that make the world of a difference.
  1. Lastly, treat dating like fishing. As a girl this is hard because we are biologically hardwired to put all our eggs in a basket but it is possible to treat it not as such. Take everything as a grain of salt. Don`t overthink into the future with this guy. Keep your options open. Go out with a wide range of people. Then the guy will see that you have your own life and this mystery around you. Making him more interested. 

Keep tuned with me for all the dating, school, friends or just life advice.

Until next time – how to girl.

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