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Introducing Elie Saab in White, the new fragrance from Elie Saab destined to conquer women’s hearts. 

In 2011, The Elie Saab Perfume was created as to perfect the natural elegance held by the talented Elie Saab. It marked the beginning of the decade and is associated with the entry of this great brand into the olfactory universe. Indeed a magical floral scent with a concentration of white flowers.

Elie Saab in White
Elie Saab in White

The new Elie Saab in White:

Elie Saab is a world-famous designer who has an almost innate gift for sewing. While he was born in a Beirut at war, he made his first dresses there. From there, he decided to make fashion design his destiny. His unwavering determination took him from the Middle East to the United States and Europe. Along the way, Elie Saab has always given a special place to the colour white. Moreover, he was in charge of developing one of the most beautiful collections of wedding dresses for the Pronovias brand. If white fascinates, it is because it is a colour loaded with meaning. On the chromatic plane, the white brings together all the other colours. It is a nuance often the symbol of unity and purity. Moreover, white is often associated with virginity, marriage and the divine. It’s a colour full of power and sweetness at a time. It is precisely this duality that we find in Elie Saab’s Parfum in White. The fragrance is simply breathtaking.

The Fragrance in White, the perfect scent: 

Elie Saab’s Parfum in White is in the brand’s iconic bottle. Indeed, Elie Saab is passionate about design and architecture. He, therefore, attached particular importance to the formatting of his container. The Perfume in White bottle is similar to a generous glass cube, cut like a diamond, but designed to fit the shapes of the hand. These multiple facets form as much a prism that returns the light to better reflect it. From then on, the juice that is contained inside this bottle becomes all the more pure and radiant. Thus, the Perfume in White visual is at the service of the fragrance it contains. Elie Saab’s Parfum in White is an “addictive symphony of whites: the bright union of notes of orange blossom and white musk”. The orange blossom is present from its start and combines with the light acidity of red fruits. An opulent jasmine filled her heart with generosity and femininity. The white musk mixes with the amber in its base, and the patchouli comes to frame the whole. A perfect scent to start 2018.

Top Notes: Red Fruits, Orange Blossom

Heart Notes: Sun-dried Jasmine

Base Notes: Patchouli, White Musk, White Amber

SHISEIDO Synchro Skin Illuminator

SHISEIDO Synchro Skin Illuminator
SHISEIDO Synchro Skin Illuminator

Pure Gold and Rose Gold, the two precious additions to Shiseido make-up, Synchro Skin Illuminator houses a crystalline fresh gel that infuses the skin with incredibly fine mother-of-pearl particles, making it look like it glows from within. Suffused in the pink light of the Rose Gold shade or the opalescent shimmer of Pure Gold, the skin is more radiant than ever and plays at catching the light.
Both shades are infused with mineral water from Kirishima in Japan, rich in revitalizing minerals, and these new products also benefit from Synchro Skin, the signature of Shiseido complexions. The formulas are perfectly compatible with the skin and are instantly forgotten, while their agents anticipate the skin’s needs in terms of light and comfort throughout the day. We are absolutely in love with the  Synchro Skin Illuminator. It is definitely the final touch that will give your skin a spectacular, natural and perfect glow. 

NARS Power Matte Lip Pigment in Color DON’T STOP ( Photo )

We absolutely love the formula of the new Power Mattes – They are lip pigments with a thin, fluid consistency that spreads smoothly and evenly over the lips and in a few minutes dries down to a velvety, beautiful, insanely long-wearing finish. As far as matte lip products go, these are as good as it gets. We can say they are one of the best if not the utmost best in the market. Our favourite shades are American Woman, Don’t Stop,  Get It On and Light My Fire. If you love matte lips the way we do and if you are looking for the perfect matte that lasts forever, that does not dry your lips, that wears comfortably throughout the day, we definitely recommend trying out the Power Matte Lip Pigments! You will be thrilled with your investment.  A must have at the DARLINGYOU House.


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