Glam Team Tips: Discover Le Masque Switzerland

As our days are full with so many activities, we had to learn how to maximize our precious time and how to multitask.

Sometimes we find ourselves so overloaded that a simple trip to a spa sounds more like wishful thinking. With no time to spare or lose, Top-Notch Skincare Masks are a must have in our homes.

That is what we all need: time to decompress and reward ourselves with a spa facial right at home once or even Twice a week. Why not? We deserve it.

Amongst the many benefits of a skincare face mask is the fact that it offers a wide range of skincare treatments in one easy application.

Skincare Face Masks are most of the time individually wrapped and available in formulas that address everything from hyperpigmentation to dryness.  A good skincare mask contours to the face and simply lifts off the face to reveal supple, dewy skin.

Why Le Masque Switzerland? Because this brand is different from anything we have seen on the market, their skincare masks are carefully crafted, catering to a variety of skin needs.

We buy them as soon as we are out simply because we can’t live without.

They are made in Switzerland and are up there in their game.


Bio-Cellulose sheets are 100% natural; they are made through  biotechnological fermentation of coconut water. The material was first used for medical reasons. At Le Masque we were drawn to the capacity of bio-cellulose to heal wounds and treat burns.


A bio cellulose mask fits like a second skin, meaning that the skin care ingredients infused in the mask are in constant contact with your skin, every curve and contour is continually soaking in the treatment.


Based in Switzerland, with a long history of expertise in Skincare, we have developed a range of Bio-Cellulose second skin masks that luxuriously pamper your skin and deliver luminous, dewy results in just 20 minutes.



Le Masque Switzerland

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