Getting ready for the 2nd Lockdown !!!??

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The Feel Good Newsletter


Hi Beauties, The latest Feel Good Newsletter will accompany you in this context of another possible lock down. Yes, you heard us … 🙁

The blade has fallen! With the announcement new lockdowns, many of us have had to reconnect with teleworking and its share of inconveniences. Work, home logistics, children, isolation … At the idea of reliving the chaos of the first lockdown, our morale is close to the daisies. Let us rather see the positive aspects of this confinement which seems less restrictive with the maintenance of the education of the children. So let’s try to make the best of it by organizing our life and our days to the point where we can enjoy this very special time.


– in this week’s issue –


AFTER ACCEPTANCE, Time Management.”

This week, Mareva Rivière, wellness and nutrition coach, shares with us her optimism, her benevolence and her best secrets to make the most of this time over which we have no control.



Beauty editor’s TEA …

Our Beauty Team loves the Bare Minerals Powder Foundation. You can’t get more natural than that while looking for that flawless skin.

SCHEDULE TO LIGHTEN The mental workload. “

Who has never woken up during the night thinking about what to do the next day or what hasn’t been done the day before? To avoid this avalanche of nocturnal thoughts, put your to-do-list on paper and all your mental parasites will magically vanish.



I find it helps with my overall state of mind.

– Flavia, Editor in Chief, Desirer Suisse Magazine. 



” BOWL SALAD idea for lunch

Keeping your body at check and well nourished is of utmost importance.

Precook some of the ingredients the day before or on the weekend:

1 starch: Quinoa, rice or pasta…
1 legume: Chickpeas, red beans or lentils…
3 cooked or raw vegetables: avocado, tomato, green beans… 1 protein: fish, egg, meat such as chicken or cheese Seasoning based on vegetable oil, garnished with herbs and onions.

To discover the program of the week, please click on the attachment.

The Feel Good Newsletter

Wishing you a pleasant reading!
Each week, the best information from SHISEIDO’s experts to live the best possible containment.
Happy reading dolls!


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