From Hollywood To The Fashion Shows It’s All About The New Olaplex Water

Olaplex H2O The New Sensation On The SS18 Backstages And In Every Top Notch Coiffure Out There.

If you have tried Olaplex at your Coiffure or at your home as the last step to your treatment, you will have to agree with us. Olaplex beholds miracle powers, especially for heavy coloured and damaged hairs. It multiplies bonds and cross-links all broken ones. A must do treatment if your hair has gone through many discolourations or simply if colouring has made your hair week and way too dry.

Are you ready to discover your new H2O?

Our hair specialists in Zürich and Milan guarantee: The Olaplex Water has arrived to stay. It is the latest treatment used by Hollywood Celebrities from Kim Kardashian to the ‘It’ girls alike. If you embraced Olaplex with your whole heart –  and pocket –  the Olaplex Water is the new addition to the family.
This is the secret and equally potent formula: Olaplex H2O is made by adding Number 1, which is the strongest variation of Olaplex, in with water. This is a treatment that should be done by professionals in the best salons. You will be amazed at the results. Your hair should be saturated with it and dried gently with a towel after 10 minutes. You are prepped and ready to do any work at your salon. Less product, less waits time, same excellent results. We absolutely love it.

Olaplex 1 and 2


Olaplex 3, 4, 5 and 6
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