French lingerie brand LIVY at Victoria’s Secret

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Angel Sara Sampaio and Designer Lisa Chavy introduced French lingerie brand LIVY at Victoria’s Secret. Launching February 13, LIVY will be available at select Victoria’s Secret stores in the US and for us living outside the US at, as well as select stores in the UK beginning February 20. Exclusive to the Victoria’s Secret 5th Avenue (New York City) and New Bond Street (London) Flagship stores,

LIVY, founded by Paris-based designer Lisa Chavy, has been dubbed the “new lingerie brand to know,” blending traditional and modern intricacies that push design boundaries and take fashion lingerie to the next level. LIVY is constantly seeking out ways to differentiate the brand through new premium fabrics and techniques.

The line is inspired by the unique style and sensibilities of women in Paris, New York and Los Angeles, and is further influenced by Chavy’s love of art and architecture.

The LIVY collection at Victoria’s Secret includes an array of bras, panties, lingerie, sleepwear and lifestyle pieces. High-end product details include graphic-back designs, tattoo-style appliques, crisp laser-cut lines, bold hardware accents, luxe Calais lace, and thermo-fused technology creating a smooth and comfortable fabric finish.

LIVY is a lifestyle lingerie brand with a signature personality. It’s a daring blend of traditional French design and modern intricacies that break lingerie codes.


LIVY offers something for everyone. Named after three cities, the collections perfectly capture a woman’s different tastes and styles.

NEW YORK: Bold, graphic and modern

PARIS: Sexy, elegant and mysterious

LOS ANGELES: Calm, athletic and leisurely

Victoria’s Secret LIVY Soft Bra


LIVY is constantly seeking out ways to differentiate the brand through new fabrics and techniques, mixing tradition with modernity and offering a contrasting, yet instantly recognizable brand signature. Heavily influenced by art and architecture that create stunning silhouettes, LIVY lingerie is for a woman who wants it to be seen and not hidden beneath clothing. Vintage and thermo-fused finishes, laser-cut detailing and the most delicate Calais lace are blended together to create a collection that constantly pushes boundaries. Back designs, side clasps and ribbons coexist in a unique fashion that perfectly marries the digital and physical realms of design.

PRODUCT DETAILS INCLUDE: Graphic backs, monowires, laser cuts, tattoo lingerie, Calais lace, hidden clasps, microfiber and thermo-fused finishing

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