Flawless From Dusk Till Dawn

Spectacular Volume. Perfect Eyelash Style. The Deepest Black.


With this extraordinary mascara, your eyelashes will multiply so beautifully and you will be so amazed by the results.
The Lash Volumising Film Formula clings to the eyelashes and give them a dramatic volume, while the specially designed triple spiral brush individually captures, fashions and separates each eyelash from root to tip for a true wow effect. The original 38 ° C formula by SENSAI is resistant to perspiration, water and sebum and can be removed with warm water from 38 ° C gently and uncomplicated. Intensively pigmented in deep black, the finish is almost mesmerizing.


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The most anticipated mascara release of the season exceeded all expectations. 
Our Beauty Editors were amazingly surprised by the results. A beauty product that is actually worth your money. You’d better invest in it.
But what is unique about this mascara anyway? Well, everything: 

The BRUSH – the triple spiral brush has different length bristles that allow coating lashes from root to tip. Excellent brush even if you don’t have that many lashes. The separation is incredible and most importantly, your mascara won’t be looking cumply. Because who likes that right? The Sensai Lash Volumiser 38°C gives incomparable volume effect! Period.

The FORMULA – creamy, but not thick at all and with an ULTRA INTENSE BLACK COLOUR. Your lashes will be so SO INTENSELY BLACK from dusk till dawn. 

So BUILDABLE – this mascara is super buildable, but make sure to apply right away a few layers of mascara, especially if you started with the SENSAI EYELASH BASE 38°C – as once the mascara sets, it is hard to add another coat. 

CURL, CURL and CURL – The first mascara where we did not see that much difference when we didn’t use an eyelash curler. It gives a really spectacular curling effect!

ZERO, NO SMUDGING – this mascara will not move, even if you cry! Goodbye to mascaras ‘printing’ on top of your eyelid when you run to catch the tram in town or when you go to a happy hour after a long day of work – this baby is completely smudging proof.

It is WATERPROOF – all mascaras from SENSAI are indeed waterproof, but very easy to remove. All you need is H2O. 

A breeze TO REMOVE – this mascara, like all its predecessors’ mascaras from SENSAI, is removable with WARM WATER AT 38°C – you can simply soak your cotton pads and place them in your eyes, or even use a natural sponge also soaked with water, then very gently remove the mascara.

THE PRO TIP: When applying mascara place the brush very close to the roots, place the wand deep into the base of the lashes wiggling it in left to right, the famously known “zzz” shape and then repeat it few times before you take it all the way up! 
It’s the mascara placed near the roots — not the tips — that gives the illusion of length.

Lash Volumising Film Formula

This unique formula has nearly 40 per cent more volume-giving wax for a thicker, voluminous layer on every eyelash. Its soft, fluid texture glides effortlessly from the eyelash to the tip. After application, the mascara is fixed by contact with the air. Each eyelash is wrapped in a film that allows repeated repeats without the eyelashes clumping together.
After only one application, the eyelashes are fully defined. When applying more layers of mascara, the eyelashes will appear multiplied.

Triple spiral brush

Specifically designed for a precise definition, this brush features spiralling bristles to perfectly separate each eyelash. The staggered bristles capture even the shortest and finest eyelashes, allowing a gradual and even application of the formula from eyelash to tip.

The legendary 38 ° C technology


The introduction of the MASCARA 38 ° C caused quite a stir among make-up artists and stars, as it is the first mascara on the market that can only be removed with 38°C warm water. The formula for it came about by chance. During a music event, a researcher noticed that one of the winners ran black stripes over her cheeks instead of tears of joy. This moment inspired him to seek a solution. He discovered that his newly developed formula could be washed off as a solid film without smearing – he had found the first formula that is resistant to transpiration, water and sebum and can be easily removed with 38 ° C warm water. To date, the MASCARA 38°C is one of SENSAI’s most famous technologies.


SENSAI achieves another milestone in mascara technology. SENSAI LASH VOLUMIZER 38°C is the first washable mascara, which combines all advantages: volume, separate eyelashes, intense black and silky finish.  SENSAI continues to innovate, combining beauty, science and technology to meet the ever-changing needs and lifestyle of today’s women.

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