At first, I could not believe the resurgence from the circa early 90’s dressing style but after watching closely the major Fashion Weeks so far, I am sure it came back with a bang to stay. Mid-heels and timberlands are one of the many options to rock those nets. Add a chocker for an extra edgy effect.

It may not be your cup of tea but it is certainly seducing and captivating the masses.

When it comes to expressing ourselves, maybe we are all constantly fantasising or maybe there is an inner and unconscious desire to self incorporate into some secret Fifty Shades of Grey …

And of course, fishnets and chokers blew up on the internet and quickly became an even bigger trend. I have to say that this edgy, bold, rocker like look is just the bomb.

It’s a great way to spice up your wardrobe adding a little something something …

This is definitely a go to look if you’re feeling badass. Strutting down the street in a pair of Fishnet Tights is bound to catch everyones attention.

Anyone can rock this bold look. And I mean ANYONE. Underneath a pair of ripped jeans or distressed skirts it makes a perfect look. This look has become one of my favourites as I like to be edgy every once in awhile.

Who doesn’t? This look is sure to make you feel like a GOOD GIRL GONE BAD.

So go out get a pair of Fishnet tights and show the world the badass you truly are!


photo credit: FashionGum

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