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As the days become cooler and darker in Switzerland, most likely you’ve already noticed the lack of daylight here, the human being dreams of light and warmth. During this period, a bath that plunges you into a world of scents is a moment of vivifying and more enjoyable. Under the weight of everyday stress and hectic life, we often do not pay enough attention to our own well-being. To disconnect, to let one’s mind wander, to be filled with energy: all this is a primordial need. If a burnout is felt, the solution for many will be to spend the weekend in a hotel SPA. Mentioned in words, “Sani-tas Per Aquam” is a Latin expression that means nothing less than “health by water”. But the term SPA also comes from the spa Belgian Spa, where the English discovered as early as the 16th century the beneficial effects of water. But why go so far, when your own home can be transformed into a great individual SPA with Weleda skincare products and a few manipulations?

We have transformed our bathrooms in private cosy spas and so should you! Magic sun on skin and soul.

Pamper your skin gently with nature’s most valuable ingredients: pure plant oils that carry the power of the sun. The high-quality oils are derived from fruits and seeds that give you not only nourishing nutrients but also the light and warmth of summer. The Weleda body oils leave a silky feeling on the skin and lead you into new worlds with the scent of pure essential oils.

Our Favorites

Regenerates and Nourishes Intensely

The Revitalizing Evening l’Onagre Oil is based on a formula of great value. The composition gives the skin more firmness and suppleness. It regenerates it with a particular intensity and reactivates the natural cutaneous functions as well as its moisturizing properties.

Intense Care of the Skin

Rosehip Oil takes intense care of the skin and preserves moisture loss. The high-quality Rosa Mosqueta seed oil and the subtle almond and jojoba oils heal the skin while making it soft and silky. The refined scent of Damask rose, paired with ylang-ylang and geranium rosat, provides a feeling of fullness and harmony. It is no coincidence that the rose symbolizes love and beauty.

At the heart of Weleda’s know-how are the most unique precious oils for the body and face using all-natural ingredients. The true essential oils they contain promote relaxation and are an ideal base for SPA moments full of sensuality. In the warm glow of candles, the sound of soft music and an atmosphere of sub-scents, the bathroom is quickly transformed into an oasis of personalized well-being.
This winter, treat yourself to a gently nourishing and aromatic massage and give your skin the necessary nutrient boost. The oils support the natural barrier of the skin, provide it with nutrients and retain moisture in the skin – accompanied by a unique fragrance of pure essential oils.
After a harmonizing bath ritual, caress sessions for the whole body are self-evident. And this, especially during the cold season or if the skin tends to be dry. Weleda Oils contain vegetable oils extracted from sun-ripened seeds and fruits.

Getting to know Weleda
As a world-leading company and pioneer in the field of natural cosmetics, Weleda has since 1921 put its strong anthroposophical skills at the service of developing a range of products that continues to grow. In addition, the company headquartered in Arlesheim (Switzerland) knows precisely the needs of the human being. The core of Weleda’s proven and effective cosmetics is in nature. The manufacturing process meets both the very high-quality requirements and the resource-friendly management. Only selected natural raw materials are used, if possible derived from controlled biological and biodynamic cultures or certified collections of wild plants.

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