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Although there is no obligation to wear a mask in Switzerland, many now only take to the streets with it. Anyone who does not want to use a medical protective mask, but is looking for a face mask with style, will find what they are looking for at Jelmoli: The Premium Department Store has face masks from Liv Bergen, Christian Filusch, CALIDA, Asoni or Yukata Kimono ready. For active people there are functional sports masks from UYN to discover, which are ergonomic, sustainable and washable.

Sports and activities style …

The Italian brand UYN starts production of the new face mask made of high-tech fabric for sports and activities in communities. At the headquarters in Asola (Mantua) 10,000 masks are produced every day. The result is a light and ergonomic mask that is able to adapt perfectly to the shape of the face and can therefore offer greater efficiency. The three-dimensional processing of the material, which is denser in the nose and mouth area, creates a barrier that slows down the dispersal of the droplets of mucus, which are released when coughing, sneezing or speaking, but at the same time promotes breathing. Available in the sports world, 4th floor and on  Available in a double pack for CHF 29.90.

Suit and business look …
Christian Filusch

Shirt and men’s designer Christian Filusch has recently started using his residues to make masks. The high-quality BW fabric is extremely comfortable to wear and fits perfectly with the suit and business look. Nice side effect: The masks are embroidered on the side with a Jelmoli «J». Available in the men’s world, 2nd floor in a pack of two for CHF 20.00.

In the spirit of sustainability …

The washing manufacturer CALIDA quickly integrated masks into its production. The high quality organic cotton hygiene masks are manufactured on the company’s own production platform in Eastern Europe. The processed fabrics come mostly from Switzerland, Austria and Germany and are all part of past collections. The high-quality, hand-made prints penned by our own design department are brought to new life. In the spirit of sustainability, no additional materials are required and resources are spared. During the design and processing, care was taken to ensure an optimal fit, so that the hygiene masks can be fitted closely over the nose, mouth and chin to ensure the best possible protection. The piece costs CHF 14.90.


The Kimono Design …
Yukata kimono

As the name suggests, the Berlin label Yukata Kimono is otherwise committed to kimono design. For sustainability reasons, stylish face masks are currently being sewn from the residual materials. They are made from high quality cotton and are therefore washable. Although the masks are not medical, they still provide some protection. A small, flexible wire ensures a snug fit on the nose. A pace or Kleenex can be inserted into the two-part lining and the rubber band can be adjusted as desired. Available in the ladies’ world, 2nd floor for CHF 49.90 each.



And so but so much more …
Viktor & Rolf by CalidaLiv BergenAsoni


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