Decléor’s First Organic Certified Beauty Line

Did you know?

40% of women consider their skin sensitive. So WHAT IS SENSITIVE SKIN?
Skin-stressing factors: Aggressive environmental factors, internal factors, inappropriate skin care products.
Effects on the skin: inflammation of the epidermis.
Skin reactions: redness, unpleasant skin sensation and different skin conditions.
To calm even more sensitive skin, Decléor has developed its first bio-certified product.

Skin tightness and redness? Rescue Your Skin this winter with the DECLEOR HARMONIE CALM ORGANIC SOOTHING COMFORT 2 IN 1 CREAM & MASK, a calming and rebalancing treatment. Created for those with sensitive skin, the Soothing Comfort 2 in 1 Cream & Mask has a luxurious, fresh and non-sticky texture that glides onto the skin and is rapidly absorbed. It leaves your skin feeling nourished and plumped as well as protected, for a more comfortable result. Harnessing the power of organic ingredients including rose essential oil to calm, sweet almond plant oils to nourish and Centella Asiatica to encourage the production of collagen, this soothing formulation will help to even out skin tone as well as balance your complexion, keeping it smooth and healthy looking.

Why We Love It

99.96% of natural origin (the remaining 0.04% guarantee the consistency of the product)
20% the ingredients are organically grown
95.5% biodegradable

One product, dual purpose. What is not to love?  This calming, soothing and freshness in a jar cream can be used all day long as a moisturiser and once a week as a mask. Apply a thick layer for better results. Allow the product to completely absorb and do not rinse off.

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The Most Important Component: Essential Oil From The Damascene Rose. The powerful solution for sensitive skin. Say goodbye to red, irritated skin. HARMONIE CALM ORGANIC Soothing comfort Cream & Mask 2 in 1, combines powerful organic ingredients such as Rose essential oil, sweet almond plant oils & Centella Asiatica extract to soothe, even the skin tone and stabilise your skin all day long:

– SOOTHE: 85 Percent of women felt their skin tightness reduced.
– EVEN: 79 Percent of women noticed their skin redness seems less visible.
– STABILIZE: 73 Percent of women felt their skin was less reactive.

With its fresh & non-sticky texture, the Harmonie Calm Organic Cream & Mask 2 in 1 is rapidly absorbed your skin is protected.


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