Sometimes people pull you down and you need a trip to Paris to turn the page around and focus again in what really matters: to be happy.

Nothing makes me happier than fashion, make-up and skin care.

And there is no place better than Paris to revitalise your body and soul.

On this trip, I finally had the chance to Visit La Maison Sisley. It was a breathtaking experience. The face and body treatment were my self indulgent present.

Of course, I could not leave La Maison without some additions to my beauty regimen:


I am completely in love with the Black Rose Precious Face Oil. I have never used a dry oil that would give me the most amazing hydration and glow immediately. In fact, I was in shock when I saw the immediate results once I woke up. I use 4 drops of this dry oil after my toner and before my powerful night cream. With a high concentration of active ingredients, this silky-smooth dry oil prepares, and nourishes with an anti-ageing effect.
Black Rose extract lies at the heart of the formula and lends a wonderful silky softness. It is combined with essential oils of Bulgarian rose and magnolia, which have toning and soothing properties for a delicious awakening of the senses. Visibly smooths wrinkles and fine lines, and revitalises the skin for a radiant complexion.

Overall I am really impressed. This precious face oil is a big investment if you can afford. You only have one face and this magic oil will take care of it like a dream. But if you cannot afford it, don’t be sad. There is always a product within your budget. You just need to look around and research which is the best product for your skin type and needs.

During my visit in La Maison, I told the Sisley associate that my skin have been so dry this winter and she was kind enough to give me those samples:

Makeup Remover with White Lily
Lyslait is a creamy makeup removing milk that effectively dissolves makeup while maintaining the balance in dry and sensitive skin. Rich in White Lily extract, it creates an immediate sensation of comfort. The skin is left luminous, supple, and soft.
I was really surprised by the consistency of this makeup removing milk and most importantly with the feeling my face was left with.

The Floral Toning Lotion is used to remove makeup completely and cleanse the skin. It is formulated with extracts of rose, cornflower, and Witch Hazel, this lotion soothes and softens. An excellent alternative to my beloved La Prairie toner.

If you get the chance to go to Paris, you need to stop by La Maison Sisley.

La Maison Sisley is open from Monday to Sunday, at 5 avenue de Friedland in Paris.


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