COCOnut oil

Remember like, 15 years ago, when that cute little cartoon bird would sqwak, “coo coo for cocao puffs”…?

The 2017 version of that phrase has officially been changed to “coo coo for COCOnut oil!!!”

I am literally obsessed. A few weeks ago I was traveling in Europe, and although my heart and stomach and appetite were having an amazing time enjoying all the Swiss have to offer, my skin was throwing a temper tantrum on the daily. I would wake up in the morning with every single skin cell having morphed into a dry heinous flake while I was asleep. No matter how much moisturizer I applied, the skin flakes stayed… and got flakier. It was horrific.
I was staying with my Boyfriend’s family, which in addition to 6 fabulous humans, consists of 2 Galgo dogs. They are So cute and loved by all, that even their paws receive the special care of being treated to a coconut oil PAW-dicure once a week.

I thought, well if these pups get coconut oil, then why shouldn’t I? SO, being the inexperienced coconut oil virgin that I was, I went with a super easy, low stress first encounter.

I had actual fish scales of dry skin on my nose and chin… so I took the coconut oil to my beyond dry face, (actually it was physically dry at this moment.. Like towel dried.) and I proceeded to scrub the with my fingers almost as an exfoliant. To my surprise… after 2 minutes of rubbing the oil to my chin in circular motions, the skin flakes came right off, and haven’t returned to anything close to the same severity since that first scrub. I was in shock!! My life problems of dried skin would no longer be controlling my appearance. Bless you, coconut oil.

Ok so you’re probably intrigued by this point, and wondering when you can get your hands on this magical stuff? Well get ready to become even more of a fan. I think we’re about to get a cult following… we could call it “coco-cult”. Or not. You can decide. Read on!!

So after the exfoliant experiment I was starting to crush hard on this coconut stuff. And I was also having my typical amount of blonde moments.

Incident number one: I shaved half of my legs for cropped pants I was wearing (don’t ask.. It was freezing), dry, because I was in a hurry and hadn’t shaved in a week. Usually I can get away with a little dry shave touch up because I shave frequently and it’s never a big deal.
LOL not this time. I shaved like less than half of my legs, and oh my gosh. My legs were on FIRE. They were red and streaky and burning and hurt to touch or look at for days. SO what did I do after crying about it for like 3 days? Coconut oil. Why didn’t I do this sooner? Blonde. The coconut oil soothed my screaming legs and made the skin softer and restored it to its natural pale appearance in just a few treatments. I just slathered coconut oil on and my skin ate it like it was the last supper.

Incident number two: je ne parlais pas français. I do not speak french. Not even un petit peu. All the shampoo, conditioner, body wash etc was in french and well since I don’t speak it and things look a bit different in Switzerland than they do in the USA… I took a wild guess at what was what. I was bold with it, and equally as confused, but decided maybe products had different qualities in different countries, so I didn’t think too much of it.

Then about 6 days into my trip, I asked my boyfriend’s sister if she had any different conditioner, because I’d been having a fight between my blonde locks and my hair brush every post shower since I arrived.

She gave me a semi raised right brow expression and said “ um.. We have a really nice conditioner in the shower?”. I immediately walked to the shower, grabbed this white container that had some sort of flower and french words on it, with conditioner like appearances, and asked, “is this not it?” She shrieked and giggled and continued to inform my blonde self that I had been using body wash on my hair for a week… and we quickly realized that I had been using bubble bath for body wash. GO LAUREN!!!!

SO what did I do next? PS my entire body was irritated and dry as well but I wasn’t phased by much at this point in the trip, so I didn’t give that much thought. Anyways… coconut oil immediately went on my hair, stayed there for a few hours, (looks greasy so don’t go in public), was washed out, and my hair was perfectly soft and deep conditioned. I then used coconut oil as a scrub all over my body in the shower, and my skin was so happy and hydrated!! It felt like it had just been resurrected from the dead with a balmy glow… but not oily… just super healthy!

So I was really starting to become attached to this stuff at this point in time, and I continued to experiment with what else I could use it for! MAKEUP REMOVER. Oh my word… it’s my new bff.
My skin has been in the best shape of its 21 yr life since I started using it wash my face at night. It doesn’t leave my skin oily, doesn’t irritate my eyes, doesn’t make me break out, doesn’t look shiny… doesn’t interact with my makeup.. It’s just perfectly obedient and helpful.

I splash my hands with a tiny bit of water, then dab my eyes with the water, grab a tiny finger tips amount of coconut oil, and rub it in circles over my eyes until I look like halloween. Don’t be afraid to go right on your lash line, top and bottom, because the oil doesn’t run or have any harsh chemicals or ingredients that irritate when in contact with your eyes… I think I’ve accidentally gotten it on my eyeball and I felt nothing. Amazing.. I know. So, after you look like a freaky zombie with your makeup all over your face, start rinsing like normal, still rubbing the oil into your skin… you can use the oil for your other face makeup too.. Not just your eyes! Rinse until all makeup is removed (doesn’t take much effort at all), and not only will ALL of your makeup be gone, but your skin will be moisturized too!! Then proceed with your normal routine,and immediately notice improvement with dry skin, scars, pores, redness, irritation.. Everything.

I also use coconut oil for a lip balm, cuticle cream, lotion, for dry feet, dry hands, shaving cream, everything. Try it out for yourself and tell me what you think, if you’ll be joining the coco-cult, and what else you’ve found it helpful for!!!
PS you don’t have to go to a fancy beauty product store to find it, just stop by the supermarket and pick up a jar in the cooking aisle! Thats $15 you will not regret. Have fun getting coo coo for coco-nut oil!

Love, Lauren.

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